Judas Priest – Judas Rising @Rosemont Theatre – Chicago, IL – 5/25/2019

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6 thoughts on “Judas Priest – Judas Rising @Rosemont Theatre – Chicago, IL – 5/25/2019”

  1. the flash light was probably messing with Rob's ability to read the teleprompter… he had to fix that right away and so he did lol

  2. This video is gaining some fame on Facebook today due to Halford kicking a phone out of a fans hands at the 39 second mark. There was a thread about it before this video was posted from fans who were there. They said the fan in the front kept taking pictures with the flash on, which is what pissed Halford off. Personally, I think Rob should have alerted security who could have told the fan to turn the flash off, or put the phone away. Instead though, the fan lost his expensive phone, as it went flying through the air which can be seen in this video.

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