Kendall Jenner DRAGGED For Cultural Appropriation For Rocking Cornrows On Jamaican Vacation!

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39 thoughts on “Kendall Jenner DRAGGED For Cultural Appropriation For Rocking Cornrows On Jamaican Vacation!”

  1. those people who support and comment about cultural appropiation should be killed in my opinion.
    i can wear braids as much as i want even if i'm not black, what are you gonna do?

  2. People in America, no matter black or white just have to stop to put a race sign on all black skin people out there… You know living your whole live in America and not even leaving the country to check on your roots is a shame, but keep on pretending how much you care for our cultures and roots by fighting with "white" people about hair

    This is so senseless. Instead of living peaceful together people always have to complain this is black this is white, this is Asian bla bla. And fact is she already made them in Jamaica, what people want her to do? Write on her forehead made by blake people? And than this is what social media is doing today, dragging people apart and pushing something so far that people don't even realize that this isnt a big deal.
    But yes keep hating America
    I mean people pay so much intention for things the Kardashians doing, with this they making even more money and than we hate them for that.

  3. I just DONT understand!!! Its a hairstyle.. She is not trying to be another ethnicity.. Seriously????? I think she looked beautiful.. Ive had same hairstyle.. Im of mixed race family.. So Do what you want with your hair. She is not going around acting a certain way..
    So we all have to worry about hairstyles now? Give me a fukin break! More important things to worry about. This is because of the idiot young generation coming up! Yup .. I said it! Fukin rock your hairstyle girl!

    Ps. I don't really enjoy the Kardashians…but will take her side on this. # STUPID OVERHAIRSTYLE

  4. I'm OVER this bullshit. Anyone is allowed to wear what they want. Fake news alert!!!! Orchestrated chaos amongst the masses, smh. Clearly, this isn't cover worthy. Smh. People don't even realize it. Get with the program, people 😑😣😒

  5. I cannot even express how bad I want to scream at the top of my lungs this s*** makes me so mad!!! First off we are all our own people and can do whatever the hell we want to do literally everything that they do somebody has a problem with it. It's not affecting your life so let them do what they want to do! Second off some of these comments are so ridiculous there should be no such thing as "cultural appropriation!" There shouldn't be something that one culture does that another culture doesn't isn't that the goal of the United States and the world for everybody to love everybody? Constantly trying to separate each other is what started all the problems in the first place we are all the same people!!!My husband is black and I'm white and let me tell you we still wake up the same, we still brush our teeth the same, we still go to work the same it doesn't change anything! Honestly instead of always taking everything so negative you should take it as the fact that she respects your "culture" at least she's not racist like alot of ppl at least she respects the look clearly otherwise she wouldn't be wearing it but no instead it has to be made into something negative like everything else in this world! I think the thing that bothers me the most is the fact that some of these comments the women are saying that we're trying to copy them and get credit for their hairstyles BUT you can see a black woman walking around with a blonde weave and blue eyes and straight hair and that's not "cultural appropriation"? Isn't that copying us and trying to get credit for it? NO because its ok when you do it right? The point is everybody needs to shut the hell up and stop trying to turn everything into something racist the whole goal is for us all to feel the same but every time you put people in categories that's what messes up this world and NEWSFLASH THAT IS RACIST! there should be no such thing as race!!!!!!

  6. Whats horrible is that she apparentpy cant do braids because of cultural appropriation but when black /light skin blacks put in weaves to have pin straight hair …if she chooses to enjoy braids on a trip thats okay .

  7. Really not that big a deal. I’ve had mine done like that at the beach. Not because I don’t appreciate the culture, but because I happen to like the hairstyle. Just some more shit for the internet to stir up.

  8. I don't understand the "culture appropriation" thing. Can someone explain this to me? Asian girls go under serious surgery to have Western eyes, black women buy wigs to have Scandinavian blond straight hair, Westerners go to Middle-East and dress according to the culture… How is that appropriation? Should we be happy that a culture celebrate the customs of a different culture? Why don't we see it as a sign a recognition, equality, respect to the other culture? We can only enrich as individuals if we surround ourselves with different people coming from different horizons. Life is beautiful, colorful, let's respect and celebrate our differences.

  9. I don't understand why it is a problem because as a black woman with short hair I wear wigs and long straight weaves to imitate white people hair. Everyone should be free to wear the hair they got damn want. I think it is just the appreciation of the beauty of the style!

  10. This is fucking retarded. As a black female, calling a hairstyle cultural appropriation is actual bullshit. Black woman who straighten their hair appropriate white culture, but no one says shit about it? Its a double standard that won't end. Either way, if the non poc person isnt trying to seem poc, be super trendy with a poc audience, or doing it to make fun of a race, LEAVE THEM ALONEEE

  11. Unfortunately, they find that small group of black women that are angry at everything the Kardashians do, even when it has nothing to do with them, and report it as news. Kendall is grown so she can do whatever she wants with her own hair. The people complaining are a very small group and do not represent all black people. And lastly, for the love of God, twitter is not news! Except when it applies to the idiot in the White House.

  12. You libtards forced the cowards at NASCAR to bring diversity to the all white good old boy organization because it didn't involve people of color. Now white people can't use or be involved with anything from your culture. If we can't use each other's culture. Football was started and is a white culture sport, so Odell Beckham jr. and other men of color can't play and make a living off this sport anymore. Basketball is also a white culture sport. Invented by a white football coach. To give his players something to keep in shape during the winter. I guess Lebron James and other players of color can't make a living off this neither. Also baseball is a white culture sport. It was white man who invented the air condition that blows air up ya'll ass while watching soap operas all day, does that mean people of color can't have air conditioning. Emenim (what a waste of sperm,I prefer vanilla ice) criticized Elvis for stealing black music. He may have, but it was white man who invented recording studios and radio to promote their music. And for decades musicians of color have been using white man's method of promoting their music through radio and recording studios. But because of culture approciations, I guess they must stop and only white man can use this method. Hollywood started as a white culture to entertain the public, so I guess we can't have celebrities of color making movies. All ethnic groups have made inventions to make everyone life easier, but if ya'll want to play the game of culture approciations. Us white folks will keep our inventions I just mentioned. And you people of color can stick your corn rows and tacos up your ass.

  13. SRSLY?! People drag them for everything,just bcs they're Kardashians. They're not allowed to have a certain hair color,they're not allowed to have braids while EVERYONE else who does that is COOL and great, I'm just waiting for people to drag them for breathing.

  14. This young lady can ware her hair any way she want too, stop! Judging ppl, Let God Do His Job!! We put perms on our head to get it straightened and buy bone hair, like I have on, ppl buy all kind of hair weave. So what.

  15. Everytime the Karjens wear braids they look a MESS that's y it dont bother me!! Kendals braids And down in the back look terrible!! PERIODT! But if her black friend Justin Skye didnt tell her then Kendal rock yo braids chile….

  16. Am from Jamaica and the internet needs to chill.. can't u like someone's culture or the way they do things and decide to be apart? At least she didn't look at us in cornrow with disgust..she was open to try it..why when white people do our style we get vexed but when we do theirs it's ok? It's hers hair she can do what she wants..not that I think she cares who get pissed off..this is another level of confidence which I wish the other sisters had especially Khloe. I wouldn't give a shit what people think

  17. How ridiculous is this!! It’s a hair style people!!! So should we be mad whenever we “white” women see black women straightening their hair?????? So ridiculous!!

  18. Umm…Everyone gets their hair braided on vacation!! Especially when you go to Jamaica, you can't help but not; the Jamaican women are braiding tourists hair everywhere you go!!! Such nonsense! Everyone needs to just get a life already!

  19. I don’t understand black peoples can use blonde wig , bleach there skin ( exhibit A lil Kim) and is ok. But a white woman use something referring to a black culture , and he’ll freeze over. Give me a fucking break.

  20. I think people think because she’s Caucasian (or white) she can’t rock the same hairstyles as Black people can but that’s not right at all because black people can rock the same style as white people but white people cant rock the same style as the black 😕😕. Messed up!!

  21. It’s her hair! Who cares!! People just keep getting more and more petty! She should be able to wear her hair how she wants. If this offends you….your life sucks and you need to find some meaning!!

  22. Kendall where your hair. I know this is why you have colored friends. We shouldn’t ostracize the fact your famous. It’s a social status. You look like your prepping for more sun.

  23. She looks dumb with it. We braided our hair because back in slave days our ggma's were busy brushing white ladies hair and had no time to do much with their own. But, black women were told to keep it neat n out the way. Braids were fast n neat. Now i don't care who wears braids, i do think it looks messy on straight stringy hair like Kendall. U can be white with curly hair and braids look nice. End of the day it's her darn hair, i have done things to mine hair that look dumb too…

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