Kenneka Jenkins Martin Mom Knew She Was Going To Hotel Party

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7 thoughts on “Kenneka Jenkins Martin Mom Knew She Was Going To Hotel Party”

  1. Great video. Glad u pointed out her face being hidden. Her face was hid in the car on the way there with that filter on snapchat, on the way in she was too far away, in the elevator we saw a quick peek, in the bathroom video she hurried and turned away, in tys live we never saw a clear view of her. Only clear pic of her in that whole hotel was in the freezer!

  2. I am sorry to say. I dont believe her morher have anything to do with this. Listen if her mother had something to do with this and. The hotel, u said the hotel is invole .if all them invole with this. U think she be fight the hotel like this. Yall is not thinking.

  3. Justice is not going after no money.She should have not call off no protest because hotel not making no money screw that hotel.I remember her saying keeneka was going to hotel to celebrate her new job of becoming a CNA.Who knows who really got killed because none of this makes sense.

  4. Why did they down play how kennika really was by saying one cup then they kept calling asking if she was home yet.. They should of said from the get go we can't find kennika and she's really messed up
    .. I'm so confused on these goofy ass freinds J4K

  5. Hey handsome yes she knew all a long that her child was going especially when she knew how she died and everything that lady is guilty too and all of this was behind money she wants to live the good life and now she is that woman played kennekas friends against her for Money everybody got paid this is all about greed greed greed she knew all a long what was going to go down thats sad for a mom to do that to her child behind money and the good life wow!!

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