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  1. Few more criteria unique to kerala 1. It is the state in India having high road density(3 times)-Can find roads in each and corner of the state 2. A place in which people wash hands and mouth after taking food 3.A place in which one can find wide different varieties of food for breakfast 4. Coconut play a major part and basic ingredient in food 5. Taking a bath is considered compulsory before visiting a temple 6. One of the most sacred temple like Sabarimala located 7. Land of kingcobras

  2. [ Disclaimer :- This comment is nowhere related to the contents of the vlog above 😂😂😂 ] Kerala is not a country of course everyone knows that 😁 but there are some countries who want it to become an independent country but we here are prepared 😉😂 It's actually terrorist's own state 😂🤣😆 where Hindus eat beef and muslims get ISIS membership and christains regularly call jesus christ in conversion ceremonies but all have one thing in common males there prefer child girls over women for marriage 😂😂🤣

  3. ഞങ്ങളുടെ നാട്ടിൽ വന്നതിൽ വളരെ അധികം സന്തോഷം . A comment in malayalam i'm from kochi kerala

  4. The difference between urban to rural is very less in kerala..

    You can find richer people in rural than in urban areas..
    Rural areas are well connected and evenly distributed..

    The case exactly opposite in northern India.. Once we leave city, the villages are 30 years behind the cities with limited developments

  5. You will see all over India, but you missed one place that is TIRUPATI tirumala….. devotional place, see it you will never forget in your entire life….. Search it on Google…. Namaste….

  6. Kerala is the gem of India..
    Let it be Health, Education, Literacy, women empowerment, secularism etc
    Kerala is years ahead of the rest of India

    Health, and education sector kerala is almost in par with the European standards, that it serves as the role model for the rest of the nation!

  7. If you are still in kerala visit thrissur on May 13 because thrissur poor am will start and it is the best thing you can see in kerala visit definitely sister😎

  8. Hi Ivana,
    Your vlogs are amazing…
    The dresses you choose, the places you visit and the way you speak. That's incredible. You could be our brand Ambassador for Kerala as well as India. When you visit next time split the kerala tour into three parts.
    1. North
    2. Central
    3. South
    That way you can experience our "God's own Country" more deeply than visit it as a whole. Stay at least 5 days on each part.
    Get along with locals instead of a designated tour guide. Travel your own through the villages and cities. Keep emergency contacts of government officials, police, medical facilities and friends.
    Enjoy every moment…
    Kind Regards

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