King pharaoh Oba Ewuare arrived Lagos with his private jet

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21 thoughts on “King pharaoh Oba Ewuare arrived Lagos with his private jet”

  1. Disgusting and wayward man oba of ile ibinu, thank God you are human and you do not have two head , what makes feel you more superior is the fact that people allowed you. But you that will die and be bury in ground like everyone else now you are misusing power. You don't fear God who can kill you instantly and ruthless and show no respect, you and your criminal are cursed and you shall know no peace, shame and disgrace shall be your portion in the name God in heaven and our ancestors Idu iseeee

  2. I pity those people that speak evil about the oba what if what this man have been saying to you all is a lie what if the fake history book he is explaining to you all is a lie why will you people believe what he said without showing you prove or let him go to the palace so that u all we know if he is saying the truth or lieing you all should please put your self in the king shoe and know how it is to be accused of what u know nothing about

  3. This OBA IS just fooling himself. He is a devil incanate. I am ashame of this so called Shameless Fake Oba. There is no singel Child there, this is to tell you how the Oba hate children of that land. This is why i love Oni of ife so much, Oni of ife always welcome and accomodate children were ever he goes.

  4. People are useless worshipping him.He is not God.Can u imagine.Benin people,una really get serious problem..and you are busy fighting Murphy Ogiso.Jesus,end time is so,so close.Abomination.

  5. Long live the great king of Benin kingdom ,Murphy face and Ogiamien how do you feel when you are watching my great king Murphy face I know what you will be saying now , you want to cry πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ Murphy face you have to work more if not Ogiamien family will take away that free land he give to you , you know me now please don't call me later

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