Kristy Glass Knits: Knit 1 Chicago

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22 thoughts on “Kristy Glass Knits: Knit 1 Chicago”

  1. I’ve been going thru all of your videos one by one (bkz I didn’t find you until this year) and I have to say that this interview is my absolute favorite interview!!! I want them to be my LYS too!!! (Especially since there are very few yarn stores left in Connecticut 🙁)

  2. Just an aside, I don’t mind short ads while we wait for yr show to start, I’ll even tolerate breaks in the middle as long as they’re short but this episode started with an ad 45Seconds long on body building. There was no way i cld get rid of it. I think 45sec is too long. We are inundated wth ads on every platform now. Yes i know u get small revenue from these ads but i think the duration should be negotiated. They’re forcing it too much and it’s not actually fair to you either. I’ll go back and watch your show now. 😊 lu xx

  3. I didn't know you were from Chicago! So happy to watch this. Knit1 is my favorite yarn store in the universe. I love Lynn and the shop so much and even though I now live in Germany, I had so much this summer being home and sitting there and knitting with them for hours. It's the friendliest shop in the city for sure! <3

  4. Great interview! I'm definitely stopping there the next time I drive down to visit my son. I live about 40 miles north of the city, and it's pretty much an all-day affair with the traffic. I read/heard that only 1/3 of the days are sunny here (historically and on average). It's a loooong winter 👎

  5. Love Knit 1 Chicago! I visited there in June while visiting my daughter in Chicago. I sure wish this was my LYS. Beautiful yarn and really nice people. Hope to stop in again when I'm visiting at the end of the month.

  6. Yeah.. No one ever gets tired of going home..

    Great interview.. but I really loved seeing the neighborhoods.. and Wrigly Field.. I'm from Cincinnati.. They tore fiend our wonderful old Crowley afield.. years ago.. I still haven't forgiven nor "them"…

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