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49 thoughts on “Lapland in Autumn | xameliax Travel Vlog | Finland”

  1. Hi Amelia! Came across this video when i was researching on an itinerary for my Finland trip this coming Oct, which is not a very popular season as compared to winter / summer! Your vblog is really helpful at least Im more clear about the activities and places which worth visiting in Autumn! Just a quick check with you if you pay for a tour for your hiking day in national park? Do you think it is possible to trek without a tour (free and easy)? Or the trail is complicated which is recommended to follow a guide? Hope to hear from you soon, thank you 🙂

  2. Great video and a beautiful description of finnish nature and everything. As a finn, it made me think how easy it is to take all that for granted while living in here. Especially the things one usually doesn't pay attention to, such as clean air.

    I do some hiking every now and then, and I agree with you: being in silence in the middle of nowhere is good for the mind.

  3. Really like the way you did this vlog – it makes a nice change 🙂 The dome overlooking the water looked insane.. I'm off to check out prices! It makes even more sense now why you were reflecting on this holiday.. I hope you're slowly healing xx

  4. I'm from Finland! I live in Helsinki, did you visit here? So glad you had a nice trip. It's great to see someone like you to come and visit here and share the experience here on youtube, Finland is not so common place to travel. Loved this video<3

  5. I loved this video, you definitely made the right choice in how to present it to convey the feelings you have for Lapland. This trip sounds exactly like something I would love to do. The quiet and the closeness to nature are right up my alley! Thank you for sharing with us and I am so happy that your trip has had such a profound effect on you!

  6. Hi Amelia, I just wanted to leave a comment to say how much I liked this style of vlog. It seemed more personal and you gave us a real idea about the destination. I have been watching your vlogs for a while and I personal think this was one of my favourites. I liked that it was longer, that we were talking to us about your experiences and that it provided details about your stay.
    Keep doing what you are good at and it's lovely to see you back X

  7. Absolutely breathtaking. I am always so proud when you go on these press trips and your hard work is rewarded. You have really done Finland justice, and I hope there are plenty more wonderful opportunities in your future xxx

  8. Wow….Amelia, I've never cried at a travel vlog before but somehow you've made them come!! I am so pleased you had the chance to visit Finland for it seems to have done you the world of good and given you time for some inner reflection. I will 100% be switching my plan from iceland to finland now after watching this. Thank You for taking the time to sit and talk to us about this amazing country. I really hope you're on the road to recovery and will soon be back with us, but in the meantime, thanks. You're wonderful in so many ways Amelia, thanks for allowing me to be part of your family. <3
    Loads of love and hugs,
    Sarah xoxoxo

  9. I really liked your style of vlog in this video. You look amazing and still ever so beautiful. I will look forward to seeing more of you soon, when you are ready. Sending love and hugs as always.. Andrea. Xx

  10. I loved this so much. Your footage, your descriptions and your voice. I've followed you for such a long time and to see you going through what your going through hurts. But I feel this trip done you wonders ❤️

  11. omg! you were in Finland 😱 it's my dearest home country and I'm so glad that you had such an great time here 🙂 Finland has so much more to offer than people think and this was such a good video to reflect it !

  12. Amazing video really interesting and informative . You can see the impact Finland has had on you your passion comes through really well. I'm going in the new year and really looking forward to it xx

  13. I actually got really moved by your vlog, I'm so glad you've found some part of yourself on this trip, I know you've had a tough time recently and it sounds like you needed this, I would love more vlogs like this, hopefully see you soon xx

  14. What a great vlog! Emotional and inspirational! 💖. I am definitely inspired to go to Lapland! I'm also glad to see you back and hope that you are doing better.
    PEACE – it does not mean to be in a place where there is no noise, trouble or hard work. It means to be in the midst of those things and still be calm in your heart. (Unknown)

    Wishing you peace. 💛

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