Las Vegas in 1955

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  1. I didn't make it there til the early 1970's. And let's face it. Nobody knew what their Dad or Uncle did then. I watched this place grow and from a place to watch atomic bomb tests to what it is today. I hate the place now. Landmark Hotel R.I.P.

  2. This is how I remember my Las Vegas. Coming from LA on the only highway to Vegas, you know you are in Las Vegas when you see the Sands Hotel. Off course, being a new visitor in 1954, I head straight to downtown Las Vegas. Binions had it's 1 million dollars on display, dollar chips on the crap tables were silver dollars, free shows right off the casino floor and prime rib dinner at a ridiculous low price of which I forgot how much it was. Las Vegas was segregated back then. Even entertainers like Louis Armstrong have to stay at places outside of town.

  3. Incredible video by the way brought back so many memories. My father was featured Pianist in the Minsky Burlesque Show at the Dunes in 1958 and he fell in love with the city. We moved there from Los Angeles St Patricks day 1971 just after the Sylmar quake. They were just finishing up the New Highway into town but we came into town on the old two Lane road and past the Welcome to Las Vegas sign my first memory of the casinos was the Silver Slipper sign with the giant Neon Pump lol….

  4. I actually attended the Grand Opening of the original MGM Grand Hotel and although I was only 7 or so I remember seeing some of the big stars from the Old Classics. My favorite childhood memory of L:as Vegas is going to see all the wonderful old movies with my pops screened in their Movie Theatre which had couches rather than seats and drinks could be ordered at the touch of a button admission Price $2.50

  5. The property across from the Dunes is not the Venetian property. It is where the original MGM was to be builkt in the eartly 70s and was bought by the Ballys corporation and is now Ballys. The Venetian Property was the former Sands Hotel and is a bit further north up the strip across from Treasure Island and the Mirage…

  6. Very cool…I prefer the old Vegas. The old Vegas was total Americana. The so called Vegas today is not Vegas at all…it's corporate nonsense and high prices for nothing. People who never experienced the old Vegas will never know what they missed.

  7. Thank you so much for taking us along. I think the El Rancho was the first Strip Hotel-casino. And, you mentioned Disneyland: a bunch of us college students worked there in 1965.

  8. Back in these days, the slot machines used real coins, and when you hit the sound was of coins dropping into the trays, and bells. Very noisy, but I think the sound was superior to the sounds slots make today.

  9. Fascinating!
    Unfortunate they weren't a bit more skillful and experienced with the movie camera.
    Our family finally made from Wisconsin to Disneyland in 1967. I was 19 and "got" Disney's concept and philosophy. The production values were spectacular and one could literally eat off the streets. What a perfect fantastic world! Did not disappoint after all those years of Mickey Mouse Club and Sunday evening Walt Disney World tv shows that generated such pent up interest for visiting his wonderful world amusement parks.
    Visited Las Vegas on the way to Disney's in 1967. To young to go into the casinos.

  10. Nice sentiments about your Father.Your Mother & Father made a lovely couple. You 2 kids were very fortunate as you pointed out; fine parents. Thank You. If you have any 50s/ 60s footage of any kind please share. Thank you for this historical home movie.

  11. Thank you so much for sharing this video. I love vintage home movies and Las Vegas. This video was the best of both worlds. Beautiful family. What ever happened to you parents?

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