Las vegas: New MGM Grand Hotel Room 17-130 ($79.99 on hotwire) #vegas #mgmgrand #hotelroom

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7 thoughts on “Las vegas: New MGM Grand Hotel Room 17-130 ($79.99 on hotwire) #vegas #mgmgrand #hotelroom”

  1. Hotwire will sell you a 4-star hotel reservation, but after you purchase you will find out that it's a 3-star. If you complain, they will not refund although it is clearly false advertising.

  2. Thanks for the video, i'm going there in September in "Grand Premier View King Room" Maybe i've got a "better view" from outside i don't know ?!

  3. SWEET! I was at the MGM August 22 – 26 of this year, in room 25134, and it's exactly the same as your room. Incredibly comfortable mattress! Love that blackout shade on the window too. I'm hoping to go back in December. Great place to stay in Las Vegas.

  4. Decent remodel since I stayed there but you forgot to mention the Resort Fee which is an Extra $20 nite so you may as well call it a $100/nite room. That's why I stay at the Flamingo all the time now.

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