Las Vegas Raiders Allegiant Stadium Construction Update 08 27 2019

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28 thoughts on “Las Vegas Raiders Allegiant Stadium Construction Update 08 27 2019”

  1. we tied a record of 110 today and hottest august since 1969 with ave. daytime temp of 106.4,cant wait for fall were we can feel the "autumn wind",also heard MD say they want 4 scattered site egress sites so instead of thousands leaving from one spot they will be spread out from the orleans,and 3 south of stadium near 215,makes sense shuttle them in let the leave different ways to go wherever,easier to manage traffic that way.

  2. I was told by a iron worker there the cable system and translucent roof will me the most difficult technically part to build,tolerances have to be within 7/8 of a inch,heard september for the lifting but not sure what day if i hear ill post it here..Its interesting when Webb said the building will settle

  3. Watch how us die hard Raider fans in Cali can produce one hell of an atmosphere in a run down old coliseum this year..feel the power of the darkside..hahaha..don't matter how nice a damn stadium is!!! It's the swag of the team and fans that make it what is….let's go all my real Raider Nation….Raaaaaaaaaaaaaiiiiiiiiii-derrrrrrrrs. Raaaaaaaaaaiiiiiiiiiiii-derrrrrrrrrrs!!!!!

  4. I wonder how many people from vegas that ain't Raider fans or really even football fans for that matter are gonna be jumping on the Raiders bandwagon..Lol all aboard. Meanwhile us hardcore real Raiders fans are gonna rock the hell out the Oakland coliseum this year one last time like we always do..take notes las vegans

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