Las Vegas shooting: Police found 23 guns in the Gunmans hotel room – BBC News

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24 thoughts on “Las Vegas shooting: Police found 23 guns in the Gunmans hotel room – BBC News”

  1. I just want to know, what plan in this guys head involved shooting all 23 guns in that room. Why would you bring that many guns with you when you know your going to die afterwards? It seems like he brought all the guns that the government wants banned then sprinkled them across his room. Everything about Steven and the room he was in does not add up. 23 guns, his foot placed perfectly under the rifle, the shining clean casings laying in his blood, the lack of expanded brass. Nothing about this guy or the evidence in his room adds up.

  2. Those ppl did die, but it was not at this mans hands, just a scapegoat, he was already dead. That’s why they used him. Do your research, think if everyone jumps off a cliff, will you?

  3. why would any one want to take away our guns, some where in history they took the guns from the people then what happened? Oh yeah a mass genocide happened it is called history, the official story has so many red flags in it you know that you get some things wrong with this story gut feeling.

  4. false flag in the movie industry they have been warning people by through in out the number 23 in subliminal messages 23 guns 32 floor something sounds and smells fishy, pay attention to numbers and symbolism.

  5. I believe the left is behind this. How do they know he bought a certain amount of guns in such a such a time frame, when in a state that does not require registration of guns, Nevada being one of those, the FBI background check is supposed to be destroyed after 24 hours. You only fill out one form when purchasing a gun. Sales records are kept, and that's all. Background check is performed and records destroyed after completion. There is no centralized database of gun ownership and researching that would take a boat load of time to do. How did they come up with this info so fast!?!
    Hmmm, something is fishy here.

  6. fake new wheres the hotel video of the shooter bringing all those guns in the hotel why would the shooter need so much guns if he was planning to get away nun of this makes sense media trying to control the way we think

  7. Pardon my ignorance (as I am not a gun expert) but is it really possible for one person to fire so many bullets so quickly? as otherwise why would he want so many guns? Also, how did he get past security with such a large arsenal?

  8. Everyone thinks we're going to fix this with more "laws".. The only thing laws do is create another source of income for the state, rarely do they protect anyone.

    Rape, assault, battery, theft, extortion, embezzlement, blackmail, bribery, kidnapping, drug dealing, smuggling, evasion, DWI, wreckless driving, impersonation, robbery, illegal immigration, malpractice, terrorism..

    All illegal.. How many of these do you still hear about in the news? Did the law stop them?

  9. its impossible to secure every corner of this earth from terrorism . what he did WAS a terrorist act , even though he acted alone…. look at isis, all totally mad animals who just want to murder everyone.. .. … i pray for the families of the dead and injured …

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