LAS VEGAS SHOOTING! Tropicana Hotel- STRIKE TEAM or PMC's Inside & Out!

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9 thoughts on “LAS VEGAS SHOOTING! Tropicana Hotel- STRIKE TEAM or PMC's Inside & Out!”

  1. If your in say Hooters working and you hear gun fire and a mob of people are running buy and some come running in in a panic and when you shout what's going on is there a shooter outside they are going to say yes and your going to report in as happened all over the strip with people fleeing the event back to their rooms. No one ever SAW another shooter they could just gear shots, echoes, and sound also reflects off of buildings and things of the sort making it very confusing. People panic it's natural. With all the people recording nobody even pointed in another direction looking for the shooter only the Mandalay Bay.

  2. Looks like 7 armed individuals, one in yellow short sleeves, and one female in biege officer's clothing are escorting two employees of Tropicana out and 9 armed men all in gear out trying to find someone very dangerous out among the public. They sure were on the hunt. Mustve really been something to see on those security cameras that really sent them out into the streets ready to do battle together.

  3. Yeah…quite obvious there wasn’t some shit going down at the tropicana. Nothing to see there. Just swat, or whatever the hell they were, pointing live weapons at civilians. One slip on the trigger and people’s brains would be on the floor. For more evidence of how little the FBI cared about American citizens murdered at LV, check out this video:

  4. . Reported shooter is correct they were all false alarms there were no other Shooters no one was arrested there's no footage of another shooter just police responding like Sheriff Lambo said there were reports of other Shooters but all turned out to be false.

    Show me one video on YouTube that actually shows another shooter not a little dot on the screen the actual shooter with a gun in his hand show me one video you can't

  5. So…Paddock shot himself, then he escaped the Mandalay Bay, ran down to the Tropicana, fired shots, then ran back to the Mandalay Bay and then died in his room, right? He was the lone gunman after all.

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