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  1. Miss the strip,our faveret time is 2 am Cruze no one out on Las Vegas bvd. You Chan chill drop in in and out burger or hit the blue berry hill restaurant for a late night snack.
    Got the new flyer yesterday and saw the hurk tablesaw listed for $299. Reg $379 BUT I ALSO RECEIVED A SUPER CUPON FOR $249.00 my funds are short this month if you need it I can pass it to you.
    Bob Nj .

  2. I've missed you by a couple of weeks. Not sure if I would want to live there, visiting is still OK, but not cheap like years ago. Lots of day trips to do while in LV. I always enjoy car watching on the strip, buy my Mama Bear could care less about cars.

  3. I'm looking forward to the dash camera review. I'm going to get one just don't know the first thing about them. A lot different view from what I'm used to. The middle of no where Kansas.

  4. Hey bear I'm liking your video I'm watching at the moment have you driving at night driving down the strip I miss Las Vegas so much my response my aunt and uncle moved out of there I have no reason to go I'm kind of what you would call probably a family near do well hopping from one place to another helping out a family member here and there but that's just about ready to come to an end because I'm getting too old for this crap hopping on buses and trains alright I go every 6 months to see my son and he's over in Michigan that's like 13 hours away from me but it gets tiresome early Tire something special when you got an A 8-hour layover if I'm ever in Vegas again maybe we can meet up for some coffee or something huh he probably wouldn't have nothing to do with me anyway I don't know I shouldn't be talking like this I'm just feeling really gone tonight I sounds too busy to talk to me on my phone yeah I buy my phone so he can tell me no Dad I can't talk right now I'm too busy every single time I call or I'm watching a movie you know I didn't care when he had the kids there because I know you spending time with the kids like a good dad should you know I don't know I'm just at my wood signs I guess it's about time for me to take a vacation Vegas sounds pretty doggone good although I'm not sure about that either because like I love all end up doing is thinking about my aunt and uncle and they're both dead now so how long you don't want to hear none of my depressing stuff anyway it's not ready for me to be talkin about it to a stranger no matter how nice they are anyways just has to watch her peace out have an awesome night Rock on you might have known my uncle John O'Leary New York in Vegas for 32 years anyway rock on goodnight bear

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