Las Vegas Strip Tour ~ 2019

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9 thoughts on “Las Vegas Strip Tour ~ 2019”

  1. V nice film, but would enjoy another version of you demonstrating to us, in your usual way, which items are where and significance, as for sure a place riddled with black pyramids et al has it.

  2. Nice… never thought I would like Vegas as much as I did…. also of the strip ….. I thought I'd like NY and hate Vegas.. but it was the other way around. Loved the massive portions of the original pancake house. Clark county shooting range. Bingo with the elderly. Garage sale. Clean laundromat. Dollarstore. Drove to bakersfield, SF, LA. All dirty motels except hilton. Vegas on the otherhand is clean, relatively safe. It has a holiday vibe if you stay away from the wrong side of the strip. Ofcourse there are junkies under the roads.. but homeless are everywhere nowadays (Paris,Rome,LA,NY). Vegas is COOL! (pun intended)

  3. LOL! It just accrued to me! You don't need to join the Navy to sea the world you just need to get your but over to Vegas! So are you walking off that fantastic dinner you had with you family over the weekend?

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