Las Vegas Vlog (10/08/19 – 23/08/19) Part Thirteen

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44 thoughts on “Las Vegas Vlog (10/08/19 – 23/08/19) Part Thirteen”

  1. Really glad you and Suzanne were so thoroughly enjoying yourselves , Matt , You bring so many people enjoyment with your vlogs that it is great that the enjoyment comes back at you . Cheers ! I can hardly wait for your next vlog , although I am very sorry it is the last one of this trip for you ! Thanks again !!!

  2. Tight machines…I've been to Hooters before but remember it when the San Remo was there. It used to be a good place to eat back then. Hopefully tomorrow's gambling will be much better for you. โ˜บ๐Ÿ˜

  3. I had a room deal at Hooters I think back in 2015. I checked in but never slept a single night there. Stayed with friends at MGM. Buffalo's seem tight at every casino lately. Thanks again for sharing another fine vlog. I think this is the most Suzanne has been captured in your vlogs. Cheers and glad you made it home safely.

  4. Ian
    Hi Matt, just wanted to drop you a note saying how much I enjoy your videos. You are both entertaining and informative with the games you play. I hope to see you at the slots one days as my wife and I frequently go to Vegas. Thanks again for your time in making your videos, I know they are more work than the appear. Greetings from Calgary, Alberta, Canada

  5. You've got an awesome lady Matt. She spent the evening at Hooters drinking Merlot from a plastic cup. Sounds like it went to her head a bit! โ˜บ Looking forward (with some sadness) to the final installment of this trip!

  6. โ€œA vat of merlot…โ€. You crack me up! Great video as always. You need to show more of Suzanneโ€™s shoe choices though… Iโ€™m already looking forward to your next trip!

  7. For years weโ€™ve lost at MGM grand and last month we had some friends staying there so we we went and met them and no one was winning . It was scary. We happened to get lucky on a dragon link that must have been ready to hit the major dropped the fist 100 dollar bill we put in but all the other dragon links were dry. We left after that knowing how hard it is to win there. Enjoyed the segment it sounds like a great fun filled trip overall and I think your a good gambler most people would go home losing thousands for a trip that long. Vegas is tough.

  8. I wouldve done the exact same thing , leave MGm to either TROP or NYNY / Park MGM. Cant fault you for staying there though beautiful hotel and that free room free play and resort credit is worth it for a change of scenery vibe and luck, makes the trip FUN. excellent vlog pal.

  9. Haha! I stayed at Hooters on my very first trip to Vegas in 2006. Only for a night, as I was there for the WSOP and moved up there the day after I landed. Merlot servings looked good, though ๐Ÿ™‚

    I was going to stay at MGM for some of my trip this summer, but have gone with Delano instead. Bit out of the way, but I've never explored south strip in all the time I've been going.

  10. Matt when I see that you have posted a new video it makes me so happy, yours are the best! We are heading to Vegas in October and I canโ€™t wait to play Planet Moolah ๐Ÿ™‚

  11. I stayed at HOOTERS for a week in April it was ace. Clean rooms great drinks and food. Only downside was far to many prostitutes on the evening lol. I wish I got asked that often for a drink back in the uk lol. Great video.

  12. Great stuff Matt. Love Breakfast with Bridger on a Sunday morning here. Bit of a cliffhanger at the end there with the "going to go for it.." comment. Can't wait for that. Cheers.

  13. I enjoyed the buffalo videos as your drinks were flowing. What a hoot! I have heard that MGM is laying off personnel and all aspects of service has gone downhill. Including their reward program. Could explain why some of their properties now have increased the dreaded "resort fees"

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