Las Vegas Vlog (10/08/19 – 23/08/19) Part Twelve

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37 thoughts on “Las Vegas Vlog (10/08/19 – 23/08/19) Part Twelve”

  1. First time watching. Popped up in my suggestions. Really good job of explaining things. Glad you ended up ahead. Took me a second on the dates you were there. You guys put the day before the month where we are the opposite. I was stationed in England back in the late 80's. What part are you from? Look forward to seeing more vids.

  2. Very much enjoyed this series I felt like I was vacationing with you ! Your wife likes gambling a little that’s cool and I say that because she went to the room several nights while you went back down but how would you like if she was a gambler like you? I always think I wish my husband would get into gambling like me but guess what that wouldn’t work for me that would be double losses lol. Thank you for the great footage and the updates on your status/bankroll it was so awesome

  3. As a german am not in british guys at all (joke) but you two are amazing, really you are. I like your slot play and that you are always in a good mood. Take care and good luck

  4. Another great Video Matt. You’ve certainly shown some great new games to try on next visit next month. Hope you had a safe trip home and will continue the Vlogs in the future!!!! Thanks very much Matt!!!!

  5. Love a bit of shame recovery 😜 Makes it all the sweeter…that 32 games though, couldn’t believe you never hit the gesture once! Can’t wait for 13/14 and the debrief!

  6. Another great video. It is going to be very sad when you are not posting videos from Vegas! You do them so well never showing anger if you're not always winning. I know for me leaving even after two weeks in Vegas is so sad but we all have to go home. Best of luck in the remaining video!

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