Las Vegas Vlog (27/04/19 – 03/05/19) Part One

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24 thoughts on “Las Vegas Vlog (27/04/19 – 03/05/19) Part One”

  1. When did virgin move from Gatwick? I only flew with them a few weeks ago! Looking to go back on Aug/Sep/Oct, but sure which and each month has its pros. Good luck!

  2. Bridger and the first night smash and grab strikes again!!! Brilliant vlog as per!
    Looking forward to the strip walk as I enjoy the history of the city just as much as the gambling.
    Hope the good fortune continues MattπŸ‘πŸ»πŸ’·

  3. So excited to watch the new Matt Bridger vlogs!!! It's crazy how much I anticipate these videos. I'm living vicariously through you Matt! Cheers and best of luck on those slots!!!

  4. Welcome back! Have to say the intro was quite terrifying!! But epic 1st night. Love it when you are pissed it is just hysterical!!! Good luck this trip. I look forward to every vlog!

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