Las Vegas who was in the room before SP swiped on the 25th Sept

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  1. I’m just wondering… is there a door lock, door opening recording for the roof access door? If someone went out that door, it appears to be an easy walk across the roof to the parking garage. It appears that a person could then climb pretty easily into the level below rooftop parking.

  2. I think I have tied the loose ends. He has to get his car. The times below make sense to me although it would have been nice to have more video. (D=Date; TS=TimeStamp)
    SEPT 25

    2:53pm (Video no D)Checking in. Room is not ready yet, so he goes to sushi bar

    3:00-3:30pm (appx) (Video no D no TS) Eats in sushi bar

    3:38pm (Video Time Est) Goes to elevator (I don't know layout of MB (ask Burgundy) but I believe he went to get his car and whatever else. One hour and 16 minutes.)

    3:56pm HOTSOS (maid left door open for 1 hour 24 min)

    4:54pm (Video no D) Drives car up

    4:58pm (Video no D) Enters service elevator

    5:02pm (L Int) Guest card accepted

    9:33pm (L Int) Paddock leaves

    9:37pm (FIT) From 2137 hours to 2140 hours, Paddock had his vehicle retrieved from valet, and Paddock left the Mandalay Bay.

    10:45pm (Video no D) Drives up to MB with more luggage

    10:47pm (Video no D) Arrives at service elevator with bellhop


    11:00 (FIT) At 2300 hours, Paddock arrived in Mesquite

    THE FIT REPORT DOES SAY "Overview: Paddock spent time at his home in Mesquite, downtown Las Vegas, and Mandalay Bay." This appears to be between dropping off more luggage at 10:47 and September 26 at 10:52 pm when he returns to his room.

    SEPT 27

    7:56pm (L Int) Paddock appears to leave his room

    SEPT 27 8:03pm – SEPT 28 8:42 (FIT) Takes car goes to Ogden, Mesquite, Walmart, landfill and then MB

    SEPT 28

    9:47pm (Video no D) Arrives at service elevator with luggage and bellhop

    10:18pm (FIT) At 2218 hours, Paddock began gambling at Mandalay Bay and continued gambling into the next morning.

    11:01pm (Video) Small clip of SP in casino


    12:43am (L Int) Room 135 – Guest card accepted (who entered?)

    2:35am (L Int) Room 135 – door is closed (who left?)

    3:36am (Video) Small clip of SP in casino

    5:43am (FIT) At 0543 hours, Paddock stopped gambling, which he was doing continuously since the previous night.

    5:47am (L Int) Room 135 – Guest card accepted (Paddock returns?)


    Let me know what you think.

  3. You mentioned “why would security check the door”? You said that the door was left open for 1 hr and 24 minutes. That would have triggered the hotSOS right? And during that shift on the 25th, guess who would have been responsible for responding to hotSOS alerts…

  4. Hello, Hunter UK….someone else noted the $100,000K Paddock Sent to his GF. They also talked about the 23 weapons logged in his room. It made me think of the Weapons valued against the Money. Divide $100,000, by the number of weapons meant for a Gun Runners Sale 100K divided by say 25 Guns 2 missing ? = $4000. each weapon ? Not a bad price for Black market weapons with 20 loaded magazines for each rifle and a stiff markup, bonus for the illegal gun runner. Question was sending the 100K from just another sale part of a pattern of his business model ? Had he done this before ?

  5. The simple fact of not releasing all of the video footage of SP getting on and off the elevator on floor 32 from 12 hours before and up to the time of the shooting is suspicious. Why has the footage and a lot more not been released. The investigation is closed, so why the need to hide or not disclose evidence? You have raised some very good points and questions, Thank You Hunter !!!!!!

  6. Shuck or Hancock went into the room. Both always seemed sketchy to me. I would love to see any footage of SP doing anything but never going happen.

  7. I think he probably went to his other room: 4-328.
    Room 4-328 was finally released on BWC.

    Room 4-328 was registered to “the suspect & a female guest”, not to Stephen Paddock. I put out a correction tweet I’ll link below.

    Levi Hancock was already there when other officers arrived that weren’t supposed to hear it announced over the radio.

    Correction tweet about who the room was registered to. (They did not say Paddock. They said “the suspect” & a female guest.)

    A shooting happened on the 4th floor & uploaded to Facebook & YouTube. They continually scrubbed the video. Wish I knew how to screen record back then.

  8. Nice analysis. Your point about the four "missing" LIR entries is a good one. They could have checked the system for the card that made those entries. Each card can also have a report run against it to see where it was used. (That's something to add to the FOIA requests too for SP's 4 cards! That would have shown his movements). They could have either found what card accessed that door 4 times at that exact timestamp or what card also had 4 missing actions at that exact timestamp. It takes two to tango, a card and a lock. They both leave a log in the system.

  9. Hunter thanks for your continuous investigative work!!!! Would never leave my laptop at reception! Rather in my car. If he had sushi without his laptop it means he has been to his room (or someone else‘s room) before that.

  10. EDIT :The time is 00:10 and NOT 00:20 ! Which gives 50 min.

    At 6:54 you say that the doors were open for 1 hour & 24 min.
    There's a small problem in that cos, the Hotsos is set to have an alarm(code:0916) at 50 min if the doors have been open for too long.
    The reason I know it's 50 min is:

    27/9 page 133(bottom) the staff has it only open for 49 min(16:3217:21) ! With No alarm, who set a timer ?

    1/10 to 2/10 page 129(top) The breach is at 23:20 and the alarm(code:0916) starts at 00:20 50 min later

    So where's the line in lockreport on the 25/9 saying the door has been open for too long ?!?

    It is as Ten Five said those lockreports have no head so they don't have no legal meaning. Which is also why you want the SQL-database.

  11. Just to verify: All these discrepancies occurred on September 25th 2017 during his original arrival to Mandalay Bay to checking into 32-135. Correct?

    Is it possible that he went to the room while it was still being prepared? I have personally done this once. Could he have opened the unlocked door or if propped open by housekeeping, just walked in and say hello this is my room. Would you mind if I sit at the table or bar and get some work done while you finish up? I would guarantee that the housekeeper or housekeepers would say no problem sir. Or something to that nature. (“Usually a pair of housekeepers do a new guest clean for arrival. Follow up cleans or attention is mostly done by one housekeepers” -Linda Current Housekeeper at the Monte Carlo. Worked at the Mandalay Bay 2011-2016.)

    Could he have called down to the front desk to get a extension cord or something fixed or have the first extra fridge brought up and installed on the table with the fake flowers? Utility or maintenance.

    Could he have sat there in the room during this missing time? Could the housekeeper been asked to get him some extra towels and pillows and came back to deliver these things or thing?

  12. So glad to see another great video from you. Your videos always raise valid questions. Nothing about this makes sense. I wish you could sit down next to the person and watch them download the lock interrogation reports directly from the site and put them in your hands.

  13. There are so many inconsistencies and blatant hacks dealing with LV shooting it’s insanity. They’ll brush off time related inconsistencies with ease… but we want to know whats the story with the little pile of blue safety glass passed off as black tint/gold filmed hurricane strength high rise windows.

  14. Maybe, this is when they staged the whole room and then when Paddock got there they shot him.

    Can't wait to see what your thoughts are on someone keeping track of him and I personally think that he was possibly murdered

  15. This definitely raises more questions about the lock report. I wish I could help you with this. But I am scratching my head on that one. Great video my friend. I love the work that you do. Keep em coming.

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