Lauren Sanderson – Hotel Room

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45 thoughts on “Lauren Sanderson – Hotel Room”

  1. Been listening and watching this over and over again since it came out 🤩😍 excited for this era. Excited for your accomplishments and future endeavors being without a signing. You're inspirational and bomb af. COME TO NORFOLK, VA (the norva) WHEN YOU DO A TOUR PLS PLS PLS UGH.

    The atmosphere is just..I can’t describe how much am I in love with this music video, can’t stop listening it on repeat all day and just smile all the time. LAUREN I AM SO PROUD OF YOU AND WHAT YOU ARE DOING.
    You give me the energy of the universe and I’m so thankful. Can’t wait for you to come to Europe and scream with you with the huge smile on my mouth, thinking that, universe is with us right here right now.

  3. I am so thankful I found you right at the beginning, to see you go your way and reaching goals was and is a very inspirational and teaching story to watch. You go Lauren! You're awesome ❤️

  4. You are unstoppable Lauren, thank you for always staying up beat, slaying Everthing you do. What a beautiful talented sole you are carrying around, for fuck sakes you're a God damn QUEEN 👑 I'm reppin you to the day I die girl🙌 stay independent and keep up with this shit. You and Sizzy where beautiful, still are no matter the terms🖤

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