Leblon & Ipanema beach | Rio de Janeiro, Brazil (Travel Vlog)

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22 thoughts on “Leblon & Ipanema beach | Rio de Janeiro, Brazil (Travel Vlog)”

  1. One of the most beautiful sunset in the world .I went to Rio in 2017 to the Carnaval then I go to Buzios that is more quiet than Rio.I hope to come back soon with my friends.Greetings from Argentina and congratulations for your video👍🏻

  2. Ghostly Bossa by Dynamedion GbR. Great song. I have this in my iTunes music collection. I first heard this as phone hold music when calling the City & County of Denver. Hahaha, great! Rio here we come.

  3. Hi ! You probably get this question a lot just wondering if it is safe around the beach areas. I saw some other videos as well and they stated the basics like not staying out late. But just wanted your personal view on it. Thank you !

  4. Great video, I'll be traveling by myself to Rio in a few months and after watching this video it can't come soon enough.
    Could I ask, what camera/phone did you use to film this?

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