Legally blind and traveling to Chicago

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10 thoughts on “Legally blind and traveling to Chicago”

  1. Hi my friend I am happy that you got out to travel to Chicago this video was awesome keep doing what you doing my friend my RP brother I am glad to see you have fun and do what you like to do

  2. Great video man and congratulations on taking that trip! The family and I did spring break in Chicago about 4 years ago and had a fantastic time! really brought back memories watching your video. We did Navy pier, portillo's, deep-dish pizza, I even knocked on the bean also! Thanks for the shout out and congratulations again! also, digging the 5 o'clock shadow. remember, beards are sexy!

  3. nice work Juan, so glad you made it to your destination and experienced so much. I like this style of video vlogging from you and will post it on blind awareness… also that food looks too good :O

  4. Hey Juan, This is a nice video! It is a nice recap and summary of your vacation. Great video! Hopefully your trip able to travel again sometime soon so you can document and share it with us. It’s always interesting to see how other blind or visually impaired people travel. Thanks again! Matt

  5. Right on! The first time is always daunting, but after the first experience, it’s less nerve wracking. I have social anxiety as well, and the first time I traveled alone, I was a wreck. This was 6 years ago. Now, it’s no biggie. Looks like you had a great time in Chi-Town! Great fun video! 👍🏽❤️

  6. It’s your brave new world! I know that this trip had to be so liberating because you just pushed through the anxieties and uncertainties and it sounds like you had a wonderful trip. I remember the first time I travel by Air, by myself, legally blind, white cane user and even with layovers, I remember the feeling of accomplishment when I returned home from a success fall trip. I have made many, many since then and I still have that awesome feeling of independence each time I travel by myself. Thanks for sharing all of the aspects of your journey and I wish you many more take care, Beverly

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