Lightfoot says shes heard loud and clear people dont want property tax hike

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19 thoughts on “Lightfoot says shes heard loud and clear people dont want property tax hike”

  1. Thought Ms. Lightfoot was going to clean up the city. Are you kidding me, can't take property tax hike off the table!! You democrats created this 700 million hole. Disgrace. POTUS should shine the light on this city!

  2. How can one with fairness access blame on the new Mayor in reference to systematic and orchestrated, deliberate destructive issues created by previous corrupt Savages? Urban areas highly populated by non-white people continue to get the blame and the short end of the stick. Classic example of finger pointing and blame on Afrikan American Leadership when addressing social ills that have been deliberately created by Demonic Savages masquerading as moral crusaders in Pink Skins throughout AMERIKKKA! With the publicized escalation of inner city crime, biased and bigoted misfits expect Afrikan American Law Enforcement Leadership to solve and prevent murders with limited resources, less hiring and zero help from dysfunctional communities that remain frustrated and non-supportive of police brutality. AMERIKKKA has become the world's largest sewer of injustice and inequality. Yahweh will not continue to bless, protect and cover Satanic practices exercised by Demonic Savages masquerading as human beings in AMERIKKKA! The Fall of AMERIKKKA is inevitable and the other countries are watching our self-hatred and demise.

  3. Black people dieing in the streets of Chicago they want to raise taxes and some of us are worried about a dam Obama center? What the hell is wrong with y'all the Obama's didn't do shit for black people in Chicago and you want a center for his no good ass really? Black people can use that money for the Obama center to improve the black community. It's hard for anyone to feel sorry for black people when you this stupid black people are dieing in the streets and we are worried about an dam Obama center unbelievable. SMH

  4. Spend the money on the American resident's first to help your city…but raise people's property tax while illegal immigrants have sanctuary food benefits housing health care while Chicago and all il residents pay more and more ..

  5. Bring in an Irish police chief and also stop and search and getting beat cause your mind aint right also lock up the parents of these children and take away there stamps

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