Lil BUB Will Travel for FOOD

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30 thoughts on “Lil BUB Will Travel for FOOD”

  1. Lil Bub for President!! She’d be better than the one we’re stuck with!

    I’ve never seen Bub travel so fast for food! She’s a sweetheart, I watch every video & love them💗 And I love Lil Bub with all my heart! Thank you for loving her too. 🥰

  2. I know you are a big guy. But i assume i am older anyway.. It is not noble at all to make egocentric content about you by making a show about a creature that clearly havent got allot of time left. If you love her, turn of the camera! go into your garden and watch the dawn with your cat. But damn, you people donot even have sensors to warn you about exploitation left.

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