LINE Traveling Circus 12.2 – Hard Tellin' Not Knowin'

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41 thoughts on “LINE Traveling Circus 12.2 – Hard Tellin' Not Knowin'”

  1. So much nostalgia, been watching since season 2, always have wondered why don't more people watch.

    Stay healthy guys, hope you make it up here to Canada this year cause there's this rumor of a man named Rob who dwells in the mountains.

    Japan tried to steal him from us.

  2. What do you do with all the other stock footage? There must be some mean hard drives out there. One of your day ones! love these <3 keep it up boys good to see you in Canada 😀

  3. I’m interested in buying chronics but i’m suspicious about that pretty small rocker. Should i go for shorter skis as they have such a small rocker? Are they still easy to surfaceswap? Do i crash noticeably easier when my rotation is not enough with chronics (comparing to something like arv96 or poacher)??

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