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  1. I wish I saw this when y'all were livestreaming! The next time you're here, you MUST check out City Line Hotel (North American Motor Inn) on City Ave in Philly. Never been inside but I pass by all the time. The reviews are so horrifying/entertaining (I check them every other month or so and they just get worse). They actually pay guests $20 to write good reviews for them!!! Also, the Summit Inn (Upper Darby), Parkway Inn (Springfield) and Raven Motel (Media). They're all within a few miles of each other, just 15/20 min outside of the city. It'll be so worth it! A real Philly special!

    Always remember: check the ground before you put your gear down 😊

  2. P.s. you need a spectrum of lenses along with the black light to see much less identify bodily fluids. It is obvious that, like the History channel, you planted the semen mixed with your assbuddys' shit in the room. Or else its just mustard.

  3. That Place isn't worth no 155.00 plus 100.00 for some nebulous freaking fee.
    I've seen Public Housing in the Hood that was in better shape than this (ahem) Hotel.
    I agree – f*ck that place.
    Not having a working Elevator – that means, Housekeeping has to figure out a way to get that f*cking Housekeepers Cart UP THE STAIRS – I mean W.T.F.
    I did Housekeeping for a short time and Housekeeping has to carry a lot👏of👏sheet👏 to service those Rooms.
    What about EMTs and First Responders.
    That Elevator situation would get straightened out REAL quick if there was ever an event where a whole bunch of Folks had be be moved right away or given Emergency Services en masse.
    There's gotta be a Violation of the ADA, too.
    That Elevator being down is a Safety hazard.

  4. Dan! Love your channel! I am hooked! I can’t believe I missed the live stream Saturday in South Philly(my hometown!). Can you do another one at the Bel Air Motor Lodge in NJ please!

  5. I'm from Philadelphia and I've thankfully never stayed here. I've had friends come to town that insist it's going to be no big deal, they don't want to inconvenience me staying on my couch… Some have learned. The rest I'll point to this!

  6. New sub..and too late, I just left a hotel room and used the hair dryer, watched the television via the remote, and slept in the bed; but I brought my own blanket and pillow. 👋👍✅

  7. I rather sleep in my car then to sleep anywhere near that. My car is cleaner then that and probably smells better. Id be asking for my money back no fucking joke.

  8. they even acknowledge it and feel bad

    unexpected actually, i figured itd just be defended to the death. my statement reminds me of the first video you had where you recorded his reaction and sent it to the hotel chain

  9. I feel bad for the people who bitch about these live ADR versions. Honestly, have they actually watched all the way through? It’s GOLD, Jerry! GOLD! Keep doing them, guys…

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