Live From A Hotel Room In Dallas – IG Stream Owen Benjamin 11-13-2019

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25 thoughts on “Live From A Hotel Room In Dallas – IG Stream Owen Benjamin 11-13-2019”

  1. Welcome to Texas Big Bear! The traffic from DFW Airport to Frisco sucks ass and would send anyone into temporary despair. But, you are here spreading truth, slaying wizards and fighting the good fight in the Lone Star State.

  2. Nickles has peaked…and will now fade away like so many others. You are right about how easy it would have been to end the baby eaters. We all loved the debate when Trump said, " You would be in jail right now", because it made sense. You win every time though, when you own all the horses in the race.

  3. Nick and big bear are on completely different ends of the spectrum. Like them both. Wish Owen would quit bashing him and people would stop driving the wedge. Owen is good for critical thinking,wizard killing,truth,comedy,homesteading,religion. Nick is purely political and cultural. They both serve their purpose.

  4. Hahahah! Dude I feel ya, man! I use to do West to East Coast (and of course back again) 1+ times a month… WITH children… but NEVER missed ONE soccer or football game. But yeah, the whole hotel thing sucks. Hahahah! I learned to REALLY like the weather channel. NOT kidding. Heh! Wishing you well. : ) -EB

  5. I agree with the stupidity of the news and the impeachment junk. I always question why no one cares that the US is giving hundreds of millions of dollars to Ukraine in the first place. There are real needs for the taxpayers money IN THE USA. why do americans let this happen?

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