LIVE Travel Photography Q&A Mike Browne and Simon Taplin

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18 thoughts on “LIVE Travel Photography Q&A Mike Browne and Simon Taplin”

  1. My lens for doing almost everything is the Tamron 16-300 mm lens. When I think of the 18–55 lens doesn't reach out far enough. I have used it to shoot bison. We were in a truck that was very old. A lot of places the people aren't too friendly as I am sure in you area too. So I do like my lens. On travel I agree. Too much is not good.

  2. Hi Guys, I would love to go on a workshop but my wife has total vascular dementia and is also disabled and needs 24/7 care… I have the next best thing with you guys showing these places and people, or talking about it… Keep up the good work… Thanks

  3. Hi, guys just revisited the Podcast to get all of your comments. I am an armchair enthusiast these days because of ill health; what are your criteria for fitness levels for your courses in remote areas. My concern for those taking part; heaven forbid there is an extreme medical emergency which can happen in everyday situations. Do you have a satellite phone for instance?

    All that said I find your travel videos fascinating to watch and would love more including the behind the scenes material.
    Just a pity I am not forty years younger.

  4. Thank you Mike & Simon, really enjoyed sharing your adventure. Just watch the Q&A very interesting, (more please), so gutted I could get to watch live. Gordon aka thegofa

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