Live Vlog! Just Wanted To Hang Out For A Bit!

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  1. January is Lemon Shark season in West Palm/Jupiter–they are shy but very cool to see while diving. Stuart Cove does a shark dive in the Bahamas. Tim if you ever want to go diving, I'd love to go diving with you!

  2. Me and my best friend are going Disney world on June 15th for two weeks, do you have any tips or advice for us? Ps love you guys and congratulations on the baby I’m so happy for you!

  3. Hi Jenn, for dealing with the heat when you are in the parks. If you go to any sporting store, they should have a cooling towel for athletes. You get the towel damp and keep in a ziploc baggie with ice. When you are over heating wrap around the bag of your neck. My daughter uses one for hot days during softball.

  4. We do a combo of cloth and disposal diapers and it works great. Mostly cloth but when we travel or someone else is watching the kids we use disposal. Good luck.

  5. I'm super excited for you guys, I'm 33 and no kids yet. I have no thyroid and concerned I wont be able to get pregnant, going to be moving next year to Arizona and start trying for our first baby. Hoping for the best… congratulations again.

  6. I have so many recommendations for baby things so I'll post some of them here.
    — Re: Round ligament pain — girl, get a maternity belt. I had such horrible sciatic pain, I should have gotten one and totally regret not!

    — Re: strollers, we have a (regular) City Mini and love it. It's a nice compromise between an umbrella stroller and a full jogging stroller — light and easy to maneuver (especially in Disney), but full featured. There's a GT version with air-filled tires for even smoother ride (though the regular City Mini still has a great ride) and an adjustable handle bar, which may be a key feature for you to adjust between heights. Also, get whatever accessory you need to allow your infant car seat to click into whatever stroller you get (some are more compatible than others so keep that in mind when making your decision). Also make sure you get a stroller caddy for whatever stroller you get — so helpful to have a place to hold your drink and store stuff on the go.
    — A Nose Frida is VITAL for when baby is sick and congested. They also have electric nose suckers out there if the Nose Frida grosses you out (but basically the suction bulbs are useless so you'll want something else with a strong, steady suction).
    — Get zippered PJs that zip open from the feet too for easy diaper access, definitely no snaps!! Trust me, you won't want to be lining up snaps in the middle of the night! I am obsessed with Bonds Zippys (from Australia, they have great sales all the time and you can get them for like $8-10 each) — they zip both ways, have foldover footies and they stretch so they last so much longer!
    — Facebook Market Place (or your town may have a local mom swap group on Facebook) is AWESOME for getting baby stuff. Babies outgrow things so fast, most baby items end up still being pristine when you don't need them anymore, so it's an awesome way to get great stuff for cheaper or sell stuff once you don't need it anymore so you can use the money to get new stuff. I often use it to get back up items for daycare or families' houses.
    — The Angel Care Under-the-Mattress Movement Sensor Pad gave me so much peace-of-mind at night. I had horrible anxiety about SIDs I could barely sleep the first couple of weeks until we transitioned our son into his crib with this monitor. We have the whole video/sensor pad monitor and it's great, but the sensor pad at the very least is KEY.
    — If you're going to pump, I highly recommend Kiinde! You can pump directly into the bag and then you just pop the bag into a little case with a nipple inserted into the spot and bam — instant bottle. Much more compact in a diaper bag, less dishwashing because you really only need to wash the one nipple and then you toss the bag, and you can freeze in the bag too. Spill your milk one time trying to transfer between bags and bottles, and you'll see why it's a big deal to keep it all in one thing!
    — Gripe Water — helps ease baby's gas pains. LIFESAVER.
    — Zip up swaddles — swaddling with a blanket is tricky and their little arms always seem to escape! But then their reflexes wake them up so you have to get them swaddled tightly again. I loved using zip up swaddles like SwaddleMe Pod or Love to Dream Swaddle. Much easier and the most secure in my experience.

    There's so much more stuff I wish I could tell you but I'll stop here for now! I hope this is helpful!

  7. I use a Contigo insulated water bottle and fill it with ice water at the parks. It keeps the ice frozen for over 24 hrs! We also have a stroller cooler that we got on Amazon that works pretty great, for baby outings in the future.

  8. Hey you guys, I totally recommend a bouncer like this Baby Einstein™ Ocean Adventure™ Infant-to-Toddler Rocker

    It has white music and it vibrates which help soothe the baby. It was a huge lifesaver for us.

  9. Tim and Jenn,

    I’m a huge fan and I really want to see you two prosper, especially with a baby on the way. Protect your assets… ie trademark you’re name or any future names that you might choose. It’s super easy to do! If you need any help feel free to DM me.

  10. Congratulations guys!! So happy for you 💕. We had a December baby too and it made Christmas time so much more magical ❤️.
    I'm uk-based so not sure how helpful my recommendations would be, but number 1 would be to get an app on your phone to keep track of feeds, sleeps and nappies(diapers) (especially in the early days – midwives will ask and it's hard to remember when you're so tired!)

    Also if you're breastfeeding/planning to express milk, I'd really recommend a Haakaa or similar silicone "pump" – it passively collects milk on one side while you feed on the other and is soooo much easier than pumping. One thing I'm personally so glad I did (and would do in a heartbeat for any potential future baby) was hand expressing/collecting colostrum in the weeks just before the baby arrived – it was an absolute godsend when his weight was dropping and we needed to supplement his feeds (it can also be used to feed the baby if you get separated in hospital for whatever reason, e.g. I had to go into theatre for a couple of hours and couldn't feed him during that time). Definitely worth looking into at least!

    Congratulations again, you're going to be amazing parents ❤️

  11. I severely doubt Tim and Jen, who go to theme parks every other day, need monetary help or baby goods. I am sure if you are in a position to help others, maybe donate to a charity to help disadvantaged babies or parents who would need the help a lot more? I absolutely love the Trackers, but they are blessed, and there are so many out there at the moment who are struggling.

  12. Tim & Jen- will you guys be going to Disney world at all during June 22nd—27th?? My husband and I will be there and we are such big fans! Would love to run into you guys someday!!
    Also—-Congrats on the baby❤️

  13. Things to help with thirst are mint, cucumber and, lemon. If you add to water or if you're allowed iced tea is good too. Congrats! Love your videos. Favorite video is Tokyo Disneyland.

  14. You will love cloth diapering!! I started almost 11 years ago with my first. I have been out of the loop for the past 4 years so I dont know what is new. I have tried many brands and there wasnt much out there I didn't like. With our 3rd baby I used mostly Alva or the cheap imported ones. A lot I bought through special order FB groups. They come in some really cute designs! They make excellent bamboo inserts to go in them. They did just as good as the more expensive brands. I did travelling with cloth too. It really is easy! Plus the more natural disposable (and disposable in general) leaked a lot more! They make nice wet bags with zippers for traveling or storing until washing. The other thing I would recommend (esp as baby gets older and if he/she sleeps through the night) is using wool covers at night time. There are some etsy sellers who upcycle from wool sweaters. You just put them over the diaper (sometimes i used cotton prefolds or something like the terry diapers from Mother Ease). Baby can even wake up soaked in urine and all you do is lay out the woolie to air dry and all the smell will be gone! Just google about using wool and you will find more info about the benefitsof using wool.

  15. I wish I could have watched it live… love hearing baby talk… it truly is a unique journey that you cant understand unless you've done it. You two will be great parents!

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