Living at Walt Disney World

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24 thoughts on “Living at Walt Disney World”

  1. Haha one time I was smokin a blunt in the pool (2:45 in the video) Saratoga springs like 1 am so no kids around and a worker came over. I thought to bitch at me about it, but he just wanted to hit it😂. Nothing to do with this vid, but saw the pool and made me think of that

  2. My family has been going to WDW multiple times a year for well over 30 years — enough that it actually made more fiscal sense to purchase a house in Celebration rather than spending money on timeshares or hotel rooms. As a result, I always think I know so much about Disney history, and then you come along with stories like this that gloriously prove me wrong. It’s a rare thing to be both educated and entertained, and you do both, so thank you.

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