Living Big in a Tiny House: Our Traveling Tiny Home In North America

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43 thoughts on “Living Big in a Tiny House: Our Traveling Tiny Home In North America”

  1. Hey all! There are lots of questions regarding the cost of this build. We have a video coming out next week which details the build and will include info about the cost. We've yet to properly tally everything up but estimate that including labour this home would come to around $50,000. 😁

  2. Funny thing is, this is actually a TINY house, some of them are called tiny houses but re not tiny just a little small. But not hating, great show and Great content, and the interior and exterior of all the houses are perfect! 😍

  3. I wish your technology arrive in our country. Its a good business for developing countries and hope there is a cheaper version and a design or built for tropical countries.

  4. This is an absolutely stunning home Bryce! I love the look & layout and it seems to be really comfortable and well thought out. You clearly put all your tiny house experiences to good use 🙂 When you are traveling outside of the US, are you leaving this in storage somewhere? Renting it out? Leaving it with friends?

  5. Very cute & love to see space saving ideas, but would it have been easier just get a caravan? Doesn't sound as cool, but basically you have a caravan that just has a house style. I dl over the tiny house show!

  6. I love your vlogs, they are all so interesting. This is a beautiful presentation of your home. Your true feeling for it shines through in your voice and narrative. Good job and safe travels.

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