LIVING IN BALI – Travel Documentary (ALL SEASON 6 – no ads)

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37 thoughts on “LIVING IN BALI – Travel Documentary (ALL SEASON 6 – no ads)”

  1. I love you guys! I almost cried when Tim had to leave early ๐Ÿ™

    I'm moving to Bali in 2 months! I was there for 2 months last year and loved it. My friend just started a non profit charity called Bali Dyslexia Foundation if anyone would like to check it out and make a donation, that would be greatfully appreciated! ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. So I fell asleep and woke up to the start of this video. Your journey is unbelievable! Like with so many others, to be able to live vicariously through your videos is amazing and I can't wait until I'm able to get out there and enjoy the world the way you have been fortunate to.

  3. I enjoy you both in every video Iโ€™ve seen. Thank you for sharing. And yes some of your photos are so incredible. Love the music too!! How did Pepper get home?

  4. You guys deserve more subscribers. Have a natural and sincere feel to your videos than other channels. Inspiration to travel and leave worries behind. Keep it up. Just do what you do! ๐Ÿค—

  5. Damn I just read an article: how dangerous the Venom of Jellyfish is.
    Do U felt later OK after the Jellyfish sting on U, or did U went to the hospital?
    Sorry for my English skills lol.

  6. Never rid a scooter before………..guess what your insurance doesn't cover you, never understand the mentality of anyone riding a scooter in a foreign country, especially without an international license. Pure madness. Another Australian male death in Bali this week on a scooter. Take note your insurance doesn't cover you if you don't inform them you will be riding scooters, and pay extra, a international or bali licence, helmet and no alcohol in your system.

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