Living in Las Vegas 2019

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14 thoughts on “Living in Las Vegas 2019”

  1. Just to bring clarity to the strat and the sky bar. It is now again free to go up for happy hour. 108 and observation will cost you but 107 is free to go up. In fact they have big billboards on second floor for skybar 107 saying no cover. You should try again. Just go to the 107 booth on the second floor. Again there is no cover charge.

  2. Census shows 2.3 million people in Clark County, there may be 700,000 illegals. As the city is overrun with illegals but they are not recorded. So where do you come up with the number 3m? Show your source or link or do you just make up numbers?

  3. I live in Texas now and am seriously looking to move to Grand Rapids area or Traverse City, Michigan seems to have a very low cost of living, do you agree? Why did you leave?

  4. I lived in Vegas for 4 years been gone now for 2. What I miss most is the 24 hour town!!! I got my car smogged at 11pm cant do that anywhere else!
    Duck Creek in Utah is awesome! 2 hour drive. Beatty has Hot spring to relax in which a 2 hour drive. I MISS ALL THE CONCERTS!!! Everyone comes to Las Vegas……

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