Living in Las Vegas – Q& A

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13 thoughts on “Living in Las Vegas – Q& A”

  1. Across the highway from Southpoint, there was going to be a lot of development, but it stopped and not there is just a bunch of area and roads but not a lot of buildings.. Between 15 and Blue Diamond (NV-160) .. Is that area going to grow?

  2. Hi Laci! My family plan to come Vegas Dec 22-Dec 27 for Christmas vacation and would like to set up some time to meet with you. We would like to move to Las Vegas within the next year. I sent a message through contact section at lasvegasgal. We'd love your help!

  3. Any part of vegas you could live and not drive ?? Of coarse take Uber or Lyft to the strip for occasions. I can drive, have a nice new car and motorcycle, but just sick & tired of all the bad drivers out there………..

    Any tiny house communities ??

  4. Laci is helping me buy a home … you can't go wrong with LACI Many Thanks PS .. I thought this was an odd way to find a Realtor , I talked to 2 others , I would have saved time had I just talked to Laci first .

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