London 4K – Theater District – Driving Downtown UK

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45 thoughts on “London 4K – Theater District – Driving Downtown UK”

  1. Final parts on order for the new 360 degree camera mounting system! Stable footage has been more difficult than expected. A few test videos and I'll be back on the road. Are we all still interested in 360 video? Have a great week everyone!

  2. You’re videos are freaking awesome, as someone who’s not able to travel much and loves to see other cities around the world it’s just the greatest gift you can make for someone like me. Especially the 360 videos are crazy and make you feel fully immersed.

    Now I know a lotta people love the main attraction routes of most places but I would love to see more of the places you don’t really drive through as a tourist like the suburbs or outskirts of a city, where you can see normal life and traffic, buildings and scenery. Maybe you’ll do that in the future too.

    You inspired me to buy a GoPro and attach it to my front shield trying to capture some magic of my city but I’m nowhere as good as you.

    All in all, thank you and keep on creating these great videos!

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