Longest Travel Day WE'VE EVER HAD 😳 Long Haul Flight from Melbourne to LAS VEGAS!

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28 thoughts on “Longest Travel Day WE'VE EVER HAD 😳 Long Haul Flight from Melbourne to LAS VEGAS!”

  1. 45 min to drive between terminals?! That's insane! They're next door to each other. Holy moly would have been faster to walk. How embarrassing Sydney

  2. Now you know how Aussies fly to get most places… 😎
    SYD to HNL is international, HNL to LAS is domestic… Reason why free 'adult beverage' vs paid beverage – so annoying…

  3. That breakfast looked delicious!

    And the reason you got nothing on that flight out of Honolulu is because it’s a domestic flight. Only international flights give you some freebies usually.

  4. Pulled over for a random check??? They must have known it was an Endless Adventurer… Well done you two and another time we look at America and go… "Seems a bit expensive…"

  5. Just finished a 2 month travel spree in Europe, flying home we had 4 flights Heraklion to Athens to Vienna to Reykjavik to Portland. Can never sleep on flights too, was a long day. Glad you guys survived 🙂

  6. I hope your Vegas video(s) don't focus too much on food; everyone knows what an all-you-can-eat buffet looks like. 😉 I'd be more interested in what one can do in or around Vegas that isn't related to food or gambling.

    Just curious, so how much more expensive would it have been to take a more direct, faster and/or easier route to Vegas? How fast can it be done compared to your 24hr trip, without going crazy?

  7. I feel your pain when your passport doesnt work and your told to go elsewhere, you cannot help but feel irritated but main thing is you made your flight😊 you kept your cool, well done girl👍

  8. London has the same trash-collecting floaty thingies on the Thames. Brilliant concept, just sad that it’s necessary. We humans (as a species) tend to thoughtlessly create problems, usually by inventing stuff that seems so helpful and modern and comfortable and “good for us”, which we then have to patch up by inventing more stuff…

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