Lyft is abusing its own drivers.

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43 thoughts on “Lyft is abusing its own drivers.”

  1. Great down to earth vlog, appreciate your delivery. I dont drive for the ( pos lyft )anymore which made 22% of my income. I would now have to find another way to be in good terms with irs requirements. As a driver i need to show the irs, my due diligence (on paper) in running a viable t.n.c. business to be able to receive credits and no hassles..

  2. I drive in the Milwaukee market. Last month I made $35.00 on a 46 minute trip at 30 miles.
    The other day I gave a 1 hour lyft with a distance of 35 miles and made $29.00 🤬

  3. This is a big shame on Lyft bunch of crooks I just can't believe this is how they treat the drivers who sacrifice their time to try to make an extra money and yet they're taking it away

  4. If drivers from Lyft all over the nation stopped working for just 3 days what effect do you think that would have? I'm down. It's all about unity. Also, I believe we should support Tryp simply because of the way they are treating drivers better and paying them more.

  5. Gio I haven't seen any videos in a while but man this was powerful you were inside my head on this. I posted up on Facebook public I hope it goes viral you are awesome on this thank you brother. Lyft Sucks 😤

  6. I am driving around with my LYFT decal upside down, and am refusing to use LYFT until they raise the pay to a reasonable rate. When my riders ask why the decal is upside down, I am telling people the truth, that LFYT is not taking care of their drivers.

  7. I want to turn in the rental and go to Uber however I was deined from fair and I was so upset by it. Im thinking about hydecar but I Don't know if I can. Keep the car for long term. I really beginning to hate Lyft

  8. Best thing about RS is cancelling on people. I root for the clock like I would my horse pounding down the lane in the KY Derby. 7ucking with people on "the" phone call is also heavenly. "Oh sure I'll wait or Oh sure I will drive all the way around the building away from the pin to pick your dumb azz up, tick tick tick". When the red hits warms my heart, bye bye azzhole.

  9. let's review…1 find the guy on this page who is CEO of Uber's Insurance. (you get extra points for also identifying the Uber guy on the same page). Go back and read about HRF. If your mind lights and says…ya know what, many of these drivers who don't complain and will work for 42 cents a mile come from _insert 3rd world country_ You might also begin to question what the heck is this RS deal about really, I mean really what is going on here?

  10. Hope lyft crashes and burns! They're responsible for ruining rideshare biz! Quit lyft long ago with their $2 minimum payout, 12-15 mile pick ups and elimination of multiple surge rates for drivers! Uber followed to compete.

  11. I just seen someone post where the Lyft express rental program is $279 a week in Vegas like I think they're intentionally trying to destroy people's lives what are they smoking on? like for real

  12. And they want new drivers to get cars that are 2017 or newer with those reduced rates 😂 I'm a Lyft driver for 3 years that took a regular job last year and I felt a huge sigh of relief by doing it now I was driving Lyft on the side but now I have no urge to turn the app on with the regular job I get more family time instead of driving all day and all night to make ends meet this is bad for Uber too even though there the better company that means the amount of drivers they have or going to increase you to lie with the people that were only doing Lyft and driving for both now all the drivers would just be logged into Uber but with Tryp arriving it might help some of the driver traffic

  13. Thanks Gio for the videos…! Come on guys these are corporations and they go by corporate rules look out for themselves, share holders and make profit profit profit which ever way possible especially at the drivers expense. At the end of the day do the math folks car wear and tear, gas, time all seem against us continuing to drive for these rideshare companies as they continue to squeeze us. We have to be smarter with car choice, gas savings and car maintenance wherever possible to maximize profits. For most drivers the ONLY good thing about the rideshare gig is the immediate cash benefit. But if you are NOT smart and do the math afterwards the amount of money you make almost does not seem worth it…!

  14. Gio, LYFTs other pet projects now will get a lot of people signing up…(2nd & 3rd reasons they lowered prices so drastically.
    1. RX service delivery.
    2. Auto parts delivery.

  15. Lyft has gone down the toilet 🚽 and started to stink very bad.all of these changes are simply bullshit and only benefits the consumer and lyft it’s self and screw the drivers who cares. Here in nyc we can’t drive any time any more we get blocked off going on line at certain time of day. And uber is not any better .

  16. So basically rideshare companies are fucking you. Yeah ok just keep driving lol. And people will keep driving they can go down to .15 cents a mile and people will keep driving. Thank god I got a better paying job. Uber and lyft will just keep fucking you and sad thing is you guys the drivers will keep driving lol. So basically uber and lyft will tell you to sit on it and like it lol.

  17. this is depressing. its not here yet, but i know its coming. rates are already too low. power zones suck. pax are charged surge and drivers don't get any of it. it's turning into a slave labor camp. but somehow "allowed" to happen in the united states…

  18. Lyft is probably the most ridiculous, damn ass company ever. time has come to stop driving for these schmucks completely.what a piece of shit sicko company yo.I appreciate your outrage bro. where is the fucking outrage in the rest of the drivers? wake the fuck up and stop driving for these ass holes. PERIOD!

  19. Losers work as a ride share drivers destroying them car Abuse by piece of shit people ,,, you Guys should beg on the street it is better !!! Dude there was a jobs before Uber and Lyft stop working stop whining do some other work !!!

  20. Why, because I made $59.72 in 3 hours and 20 minutes under the new rate card. $17.93 an hour ($12.43 after my $0.35 a mile cost) where I am not a slave and don't have some whiny ass millennial who thinks he knows more than me just because he has a degree bossing me around.

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