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45 thoughts on “MADE IT BACK TO QUARTZSITE – 2019 Van Travel”

  1. That was a nice trip I have followed every mile you filmed at one time you were 35 miles from my home in Washington State where the Snake River and the Columbia River meet I can see both from my house.

  2. We made this trip 3 times this summer, but from Portland, OR to Yuma. My wife and I love the drive from Havasu to Quartzite to Yuma…as long as the AC is working.๐Ÿ˜Š Thanks for the video. We loved it.

  3. Glad you made it back home safely ! Your trips were amazing with all the places you visited. I'm still in San Diego till it cools more, them back home to Q Mountain. See ya when I see ya ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. Thank you for sharing your awesome road trip. My wife and I did a similar 2 week road trip back in 2012 but yours was really cool with all the different locations you went to!

  5. Ironic. The last video I saw was you leaving Q, just happenstance. Now, today, I happened upon your return. Nice to see your positive personality still shines through.

  6. Thanks!!!
    I live in Oregon. Good job.
    I miss Quartsite. Iโ€™d stay there in Feb with my Mom and her cronies. Used to stay on Ironwood Street at Jan Fischerโ€™s momโ€™s place back in the 90โ€™s. WOW! Those were the good ones ones!

  7. A-W-E-S-O-M-E!!! Russ, I can't tell you how cool it's been to be able to watch your trip. This is far and away the best coverage of any trip I've watched on YouTube (and I've watched HOURS of them!). You traveled pretty much exactly the way that I travel. Been watching your videos for a couple of years and hope to see many many more. Great job man!

  8. Hey, cool series. Avid watcher from here in the UK Russ. We hired a C class from Cruise America some years back and covered some 8000 in 3 months, covering Utah, South Dakota, Wyoming, Montana, Idaho…..the list goes on, we covered the southern states from Arizona all the way through Texas to North Carolina following the coast roads. Your channel brings back so many memories of our trip. Respect to you Russ, keep trucking and yes, I do wave back………..

  9. Great ride, Russ. I've seen all videos. Gonna start over. Watch them while doing my online work. Get to travel while I work. Great combo! If you ever want to check out Central Oregon (lots to see) let me know and we'll have you over for dinner.

  10. Welcome home. Following you on this trip has been fun. I've been taking notes for my own trips, as a frequently head north to Portland and Seattle to visit friends. I love US 101.
    Looking forward to the catch up videos.
    I could never live in Southern AZ, that 110+ heat makes me sick. And it's too crowded in the winter. I love the Flagstaff area though. I-40 is one of my favorite highways. Occasionally we get off and follow Route 66 for a bit just for a change up. Some parts of that are real pretty, and they still have a lot of the old road side attractions.

  11. We finished your journey with you, but only got aboard in the Dakotas. We have enjoyed the trip. One thing that we absolutely like, and we mean no offence, is not seeing you! Every travel vid we see is ruined by only seeing some ones face telling us how lovely every where is and not showing. You are to be congratulated on being so modest. Thanks for allowing us to accompany you! We look forward to more! Bill and Celia in France.

  12. Been an epic trip Russ and enjoyed every single minute. I am a Brit but have been lucky to have got to see some of the sites you shared but you sure have inspired some return trips. Thanks for sharing .

  13. Well Officially: Welcome home Russ!! Three months ago you were the last YouTuber to leave Arizona, I was with you back then, followed along throughout your trip, and I'm here in Arizona welcoming you back home! What a Great Trip!

  14. Aloha Russ Thank U for taking us on ur Incredible journey. We love road trips, but no where to go on the Big Island of Hawaii. Mahalo ( Thank You ).

  15. Welcome home Russ. The orange roof looks the same as when you left. Oh my, time to get back and do some work. At leastย you can get a good cup of coffee now that your back in town. Happy trails.

  16. Thanks for a fantastic adventure Russ. I enjoyed sitting shot gun the whole way.
    I am 55 yrs old and will never be able to retire. These videos are calming for me and bring me much peace. Thank you.

  17. I get the reason some folks need that heat but for me and my wife Idaho was the best choice. The weather is quite reasonable year around and we have sites here far beyond Arizona. Even Russ was impressed with some of it's terrain. I'm glad we retired up here.

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