Madeira Travel Tips ✈️ LISBON to FUNCHAL w/ TAP Air Portugal

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19 thoughts on “Madeira Travel Tips ✈️ LISBON to FUNCHAL w/ TAP Air Portugal”

  1. You guys are going to love it here! Im from London and I live in Madeira with my boyfriend, it’s a very relaxed place and so beautiful. Hope you have the best time! 🤗

  2. Wonderful video. Thank you for sharing and inviting the world into your lives. Your videos are way better than anything on TV these days. Enjoy your holiday in Madeira and have fun.

  3. I had to laugh to myself when Jay said on holiday. You should let your mum rest after such a journey and not go straight out to botanical gardens. Cypriots would have settled their parents in,asked them would they like a rest or a Keo or 2 or three. Come on dont be so selfish.

  4. Great vlog. I enjoy seeing the packing, traveling, the getting the tidbits of info, so Obrigada! I’m so glad you’ve had such a wonderful holiday!! I’m sure it wonky be your last time in Madeira.
    I’m enjoying all these Madeira vlogs and photos from you guys and Joen & Amalie. Clearly it’s some place I’m going to have to go to once I move to 🇵🇹.

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