Make Money Travel Blogging (Ft. Jacob Fu) – Off The Pill Podcast #18

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40 thoughts on “Make Money Travel Blogging (Ft. Jacob Fu) – Off The Pill Podcast #18”

  1. Let’s face it, Ryan. Your channel is slowly dying. I’m glad that you’re doing what you want to, but the amount of views you’re getting compared to your subscribers isn’t very good. Go back to the basics, my guy.

  2. 32:50 That happened to me yesterday. It's a bit personal tho so bear with me xd I thought about my dad most of the day and how rough his childhood had been with his dad compared to the one he gave me and it made me feel kind of depressed and guilty. So i figured I wanted to call him but it's kinda hard for several reasons I won't go into, so i ended up not calling him. But then my dad called me and I basically haven't talked to him since my birthday (april 16th) so that was really a case of things alligning to me. Also, I have experienced something alike more than a couple of times in the past as well. Sorry if that was too much

  3. Ryan Higa is talking about synchronicity, that phenomenon about thinking about something or someone and then they randomly call or text you or knock at your door, right away. It happens to more people than you could imagine Ryan, don't be scared. Nothing paranoid about it. Just type "synchronicity" and you'll have a lot to read and to learn about it, especially some works by Carl Jung.
    If i heard it well last time, i can tell that Daina and Greg had a pretty synchronicity to meet each other first of all at school without being aware. Some married couples today incredibly found out on their respective pictures , that they first met in their childhood in a random place before knowing each other.

    Two weeks ago, i was in another country thinking about specific meals of my homeland and guess what happened when i arrived? My mom and cousin cooked the exact same thing for me. Yummyyyyy

    I was having a hard time of depression once and after my breakup i used to see the name of my ex everywhere, bakery, shops, drinks, every-single-damned-where!!! And i thought that i should maybe go back with him but fortunately for me, i didn't. Today i got the message those signs were sending to me, he was the main issue that used to feed my depression and i had to get rid of thinking about him. It also happens to see the name of a crush everywhere but the problem is not the signs, coincidences or synchronicity, the problem is to know how to interpret what's their true meaning for your life. Most of the time you don't even need an interpretation, for synchronicity are crystal clear. Unless someone makes them happen to manipulate you as in that one movie with will smith (where he makes a number appears subliminally to a customer they want to manipulate, in other to make him choose that same number during a horses race, sorry i don't remember the title lol)

    They are a lot of testimonials about synchronicity and i find that topic very fascinating. Hope to hear about it in another podcast someday. I can tell you that i found you by another form of synchronicity that is called serendipity, for i wasn't even looking for your channel or for your content the week your videos were trending on my recommendations, but once i finally clicked, i found something better than what i was expecting.
    To me it is a syn-chronic serendipity.

    About knowing your last hour or the moment of your death, from what i know, being from an authentic christian faith, is that all the people very close to the Heavenly Father, have always received dreams, visions or messages about their last hour, so that they could say goodbye to their terrestrial relatives and give them blessings. But some exceptions also happened back then to wicked men too, who received warning from God about their terrible death, if they didn't repent from their wickedness and they finally died in that awful way as they were told. Personally, I'm not brave enough to know about my death, but If someone wants to know their last hour, they just have to ask and they will be given hahaha after all, isn't that what John 16:23 says?

  4. RHPC:Since now the Felix podcast is over can you guys please do a collab with PEWDIEPIE
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