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44 thoughts on “Making A Gown IN A HOTEL ROOM”

  1. Hey I'm 12 and I love your videos, because of you I decided to go to the old lady breeding ground that is salvation army and get a shower curtain that I thought was cute so thanks for pushing me out of my room and making me do this, my mom is probably gonna kill me but _(. _.)_/ so I hope that you continue posting videos and don't die anytime soon cuz I kinda need a reference as to what I'm doing.

  2. Tip: to put elastic into the material you can use a pen thin one and Bobby pins and safety pins. My mum and my grandma sew and they even use theses wooden sticks that are made to put the elastic in they get it from our home country . Btw love yr creations x

  3. I loved it! And Iove the plaited/braided bit! I'm totally going to use that!! It looked like a designer gown! Is that your sister? How many of you are there? You all hit the genetic jackpot! 😊

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