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46 thoughts on “Making Lease Option Agreement (LOA) Calls from Gumtree | Samuel Leeds LIVE Property Phone Call”

  1. hello hello I'm just thinking about your

    property that you've just bought on to

    come trillion is it still for sale oh

    just yeah I've just seen it come up so

    um that's great

    – would it be okay maybe

    ask a few questions about the about the


    -okay so I'm looking at the

    pictures it looks I can't really see too

    clearly but it looks like it's in

    reasonable condition but I just wondered

    does it need work or is the condition


    it looks nice and like I see he's

    got a garden

    it's got garden everything that's nice

    excellent and there's no problems no no

    I'm not I'm not from address field I'm

    based in Sheffield so not too far yeah

    so um yeah are you

    -are you living in it

    are you or what's your (no the place is empty the past few months)

    -so how much how

    much how much rent were you getting for it if you

    don't mind me asking? (400 pounds)

    yeah yeah yeah it's

    extra it is extra nice yeah


    -cuz I've got I've got quite a lot

    of properties I'm a landlord so

    a lot of landlords are looking to sell

    at the moment with the new tax changes

    and brexit and everything like that

    but I'm just looking at I'm looking

    again a few more like this I mean this

    is on four is it sixty sixty four sixty

    five thousand was it?

    -okay well I know

    the I know the area reasonably well I

    know it's in Huddersfield what's the

    whereabouts is it because I've not got

    an exact address on here?

    -okay okay no

    that's right that's right well okay I

    mean what I was thinking is I mean we

    may be are you arranging are you doing

    viewings on the property or an agent

    -okay yeah I mean probably just just to

    sort of save time and things like that

    what I usually do is if I can kind of

    maybe just have a look do some

    comparables and give you an idea of what

    my offer would likely to be but it would

    be definitely more than 60,000 because

    I'm not one of those investors that

    offers really cheeky offers because I

    don't like to do that so no it's a waste

    it so I so I don't like to waste time

    because I think time is time is money

    -right yeah what sort of sort of yeah

    yeah that makes sense I mean what what

    what what sort of I hope you don't mind

    me asking like a couple of financial

    questions about the house so that I can

    maybe give you an offer perhaps Thanks

    what watch them what I was gonna ask

    what the reason for selling it was and

    not renting out

    -yeah now that makes sense, do you know if the

    property is mortgageable can you get

    have you got a mortgage on the property

    at the moment or is it

    -okay that's fine

    because yeah yeah yeah yeah and also

    some of the properties that I buy… I do

    like a rent to buy scheme where I'll pay

    a monthly guaranteed rent with then a

    delayed completion at the end of the

    agreement… I don't know ever that's

    something that you'd consider in your

    situation or not

    -for instance to give

    you an example to give enough to

    obviously see the property but if you

    could if you're saying that the rent

    would be four hundred pounds and then

    obviously you've got to you know you've

    got to pay for maintenance and

    management and everything like that so

    you might be left with two or three

    hundred pounds profit afterwards what we

    what we do is we would say we can give

    you maybe two hundred pounds or two

    hundred and fifty pounds a month

    guaranteed rent

    no costs and then we'll buy the property

    for say seventy thousand pounds but

    we'll buy in a few years to give the

    market chance to recover and that's the

    sort of structure of the of the of the

    deal so would that be something you'd be

    open to

    -yeah of course

    yeah sure I understand yeah okay well

    exactly yeah yeah so we could either

    there's two ways you could do it we

    could even set a price now and size for

    instance seventy thousand pounds and

    give the market chance to recover OR we

    could we could we could say a percentage

    of what its going up by depending on what

    you know you felt more comfortable with

    so we could just set an agreed figure

    and say in in say three years time we'll

    buy it for 70 and we'll give you two

    hundred and fifty pounds per month

    guaranteed until the end of the three

    years but of course it's all negotiable

    in the same way as you do you have to

    think about it and see what the response

    was from the advert I would of course

    have to see the property and and things

    like that I'm not making you an official

    offer I'm just letting you know the the

    the outline of what it could look like

    that make sense

    -yeah yeah okay yeah that sounds like a

    good plan that sounds like a good plan

    but what I'll do then do you want me to

    I mean there's a few options we could do

    now I could leave it leave it for the

    time being and then touch base with you

    in a few days or a few weeks or whatever

    or well I could arange a viewing or I

    mean it just depends on what on what you

    want to do

    -okay yeah yeah so what I'll say I'll leave you

    I'll leave my number with you as well so

    if you if you want to give me a call you

    can and then perhaps we'll touch base it

    is it is I think I think I can get you

    on on gumtree

    -that's no problem thank you so much for

    your time and I hope you sell it and if

    not then we can live a chat Cheers bye

    now bye

    I mean that's my first call

  2. Hi Samuel. Thanks for the great content!… The house i am currently renting has come up for sale and I would love to buy it…. Unfortunately I don't think I will have a sufficient deposit saved for another six months. It would be a perfect first house as I already have a friend as a tenant. Is there a way to approach this purchase with a low deposit on the premise of having a full deposit soon?…

  3. Great video! Samuel. Thank you. so you made agreement of final price with the landlord, as well as monthly rent until the end of the LOA. My question is what's your cost to make this LOA? and will you be able to use this property while you paying the rent to the landlord? Thanks again for your great video! God bless!!

  4. I don't really get how this is a win for the current owner. He's getting less rent which would only would make sense for him if he thinks he or his agend wouldn't be able to rent it out or he couldn't be bothered. But how is he profiting from the option after 3 years? Chances are the market will have picked up again and the Sam banks the difference and if it goes down he will be stuck with the loss…

  5. Samuel! This is super interesting, because myself I work as a telesales person selling businesses marketing. (I'm still at beginner level) But It's really easy to point out some of the hooks and tricks you use here on the calls. Awesome work!

  6. How do you get the money to pay the 70k back in 3 years? The profit you make from renting out the property won't be close enough to that. Do you still have the option to back out after 3 years?

  7. I need advice .
    I'm about to buy a property and sewer runs underneath the house. My solicitor raised concerned but I have no idea or experience … I do want the house but is it worth buying knowing there might be future problems ?

  8. As an amateur property investor, the thought of even considering a Lease Option Agreement is very daunting. This video has simplified it though and has no doubt given not only me but others confidence in trying this out. Cheers for another excellent video Samuel 🙂

  9. Great call and I can see now how you like to add value and give the person on the phone the options. You don’t come across desperate or salesy and it’s a conversation but dropping some great nuggets. I reckon in 2 weeks he will be calling you back if not sooner. Keep up the good work.

  10. Samuel, I am on my way to secure my first R2R deal, 6 beds house in Ilford. Viewed it yesterday and agent passing to me a 9 beds house not on market yet. both houses were HMO's before. I am doing my due diligence at the moment.

  11. Amazing! This is so helpful! With practice I can definitely see this working well for me. You’re a literal God send. Thanks Samuel! Putting this to use immediately. Motivated Seller!

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