Making Money Through Rentals – STEP BY STEP PROCESS

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37 thoughts on “Making Money Through Rentals – STEP BY STEP PROCESS”

  1. thank you for this information…I recently passed my Illinois Leasing Agent exam and signed on to be a part-time Leasing Agent with a Realty firm…these are some great gems you are dropping and look forward to more of your videos to help me be successful in this industry

  2. Hey chastin i love this ik dea im new to the real estate world im wondering what program do by i use to actually see what the different commission structures are for different communities is this part of the mls system or a different program all together

  3. Hi Chastin,
    Thank you so much this wealth of knowledge.
    How can I find out what Apartment Communities pay Realtors for finding them leads? Is there any websites or I should just call and find out?

  4. Mr. Miles,
    I’m really interested in your rental boss course. I’ve been licensed agent for two years now with only one sale🤷🏽‍♀️. I have a full time job and I’m a student so I keep my license on active status just in case I luck up on a client. The problem is, I pay $80 a month for my broker to hold my license and I’ve been told to not fool with leases by this brokerage, but I need to make some $$ and I do love your videos!!. Do I actually need a broker to continue holding my license if I become a leading agent…I’m tired of the fees and I know they’ll take a big cute of my rental commission if I decided to move forward ??? What should I do??

  5. Hi Chastin, you said it’s a good idea for new real estate agents to start renting properties. My question is can a new real estate agent rent properties before becoming a broker? here in Arizona people should work as agents for several years before they will be able to become brokers.

  6. One question.. is this a pretty common exchange between the apartment complexes and rental agents ? I guess I’m asking, are the agents finding renters for complexes a common thing ?

  7. Wow Chastin, thank you sooo much for all of your incredibly helpful information. I’m saving up right now to take an online class to be an agent in Dallas! I’m so excited to get started!

  8. Hi Chastin, how do I know which apartment complexes are willing to compensate realtors. ?? There’s very low rental inventory in my area and I have a list of clients ready to rent (not buy yet) now!

  9. Thank you so much I was scared about getting into real estate because of the money coming in at first, you really made me feel like it’s all possible! Thank you for making this video and KUDOS!!

  10. I'm a new subbie and I'm sooo glad I found you !!! Your videos have been really helpful&inspiring I take my test Saturday 🙂 ! Quick question do you have a license/practice in any other states?

  11. New subscriber, definitely soon to be realtor…"Are you kidding me???" What a wealth of information! I'm in the Dallas area (originally from South Dallas so I appreciated your video about being broke). We need to link up hopefully soon (respectfully understanding your tedious schedule), I'm all about empowerment and empowering others and appreciate what you do that much more. Thanks for the inspiration and much needed motivation my brother, this video was/is truly priceless!

  12. Is there a software or website that's included in this course that tells us which apartments (in our area) will pay commissions to bring rentals? Also what exactly is this tangible thing of value are u referring to (example)that we need to offer potential renters to get them to work with us???

  13. The system where you see this information for the commission, do all brokers have access to the system or it a system that you personally subscribe to? Should I ask the broker if they have access to a system that shows leasing commissions or is this a standard?

  14. Hi Chastin,

    This is very informative and impressive. I am a new owner of rental properties and planning to be a full time real estate investor. Your videos are so encouraging

  15. Can someone explain to me why someone would use a real estate agent to find an apartment? Also how does the agent add value to someone looking to least ?

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