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  1. I just returned from Umrah Tuesday and one thing I can say about Mecca and Medina is that they both are busy cities and people wouldn’t stop calling me Hajji. I guess my fanny pack was a give away. Hopefully everyone’s experience will be better than mine. I experienced some rude Arabs who would skip in front of me in lines, not just me but my wife had experienced that as well. She also said a foreign sister treated her bad too while at Jumu’ah in Masjid An-Nabawiyyah in Medina. I advise all Muslims to try their best to learn the Arabic language for the purpose of Quran first and to aid you when traveling to the lands of the Muslims. I will try to go back outside of Ramadan one day and I pray for a better experience in shaa Allah. For any Muslims who never been don’t get your hopes up too high, I myself have found myself disappointed expecting more from Muslims there. The fact they heard an American accent was the gateway for some to find it fit to increase their prices in the market places. Not all but some merchants will take advantage, do not settle for the first price try to talk them down. Besides the negative of seeing some smoking cigarettes in Medina on the out skirts of The Prophet’s Masjid it was a interesting experience. Don’t expect the foreigners to pray putting their foot next to yours, and don’t expect everyone’s hygiene to be good smelling neither unfortunately. I stayed in The Clock Tower Hotel and one thing I can say about that place is it was amazing from the prayer rooms to actual Wuxi stations being in the bathrooms as well as the wide variety for Iftar. May Allah bless the Muslims in Saudi and forgive them of their short comings, minor and major sins Ameen. I pray my future travels are better.

  2. اللهم اجعلني من زيارة مكة المكرمة يارب ماتحرمني اللهم اجعلني من مقبلين اااامين ☝

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