Man angry at Dallas US Postal Service worker throws foul tantrum

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46 thoughts on “Man angry at Dallas US Postal Service worker throws foul tantrum”

  1. UPDATE: USPS tells
    FOX4 that Postal Inspectors contacted man captured on cell phone video unleashing racist rant on postal worker in Dallas and “addressed the inappropriate behavior. The individual was warned that similar acts in the future may result in greater consequences.”

  2. They keep coming out and rightwingers keep protecting and defending them even after they've commited a mass shooting by deflecting towards other problems we have in America. Yes rightwingers, WS is alive and well in America and is it's greatest terrorist threat to date. If your not a WS and are simply a good white law bidding citizen then you never side with Americas first terrorist organization because we all know what they want and who they are.

  3. The end of this wicked system is coming to an END. All of the ENEMIES are upset and are acting out. This will get worse before it gets BETTER. REPENT all who want SALVATION and tge wicked to fall as the WICKED will deffinently FALL. They are losing the battle and the war and they will try anything for ATTENTION. IGNORE the wicked and repent for your own SALVATION they have no REPENTANCE for what their FOREFATHERS did to OURS.

  4. Why she acting like Dallas TEXAS is free of HATRED REALLY. WOW how fuking blind are y'all. We tge ORIGINAL Amerukan Indians have gone through for the past 430 YEARS and no one cared so why so much care NOW. Oh yes because the shoe is on the other foot TODAY and till the end you all will SUFFER for what your FOREFATHERS did to THOSE who they murdered raped and stole ALL of this land FROM. The Amerukan INDIANS of tgis land here and abroad.

  5. One of Trumps faithful there, self privileged, arrogant and not more than 20 IQ points under his hat. They should make an example of him, he should have to stand in front of the post office every day and apologist for being a complete moron. No place in this world for ignorant dipsticks.

  6. Wheres all the good white people at thats supposed to be getting on racist white people case for being racist i mean they represent yall right they make yall look bad right you dont wanna be viewed as racist when your really not RIGHT so I ask again where's all the GOOD white people. We have seen black communities marching saying stop the violence due to black on black crime but you never seen white people come together and say white racist people stop being RACIST or stop racism or anything.

  7. If a black person dear fix his mouth to get loud in public like this peasant pale skin looking animal, he'll be charged with disorderly conduct. But, not until he's shot and killed by race soldiers.

  8. He should be banned from all post office buildings once they find out who he is saying a racist word is dangerous Freedom of Speech was set up for that reason to give non black people a lead way in America think about this was put in back in the maga days

  9. Yes, it's only racism if Whites go on like this. They never film Blacks or other races doing this and if they did, it would be rejected by major TV stations. If it did actually reach mainstream, people would be saying "Oh not all Blacks are like that," "White people are far more racist than this!" "It's because of slavery bitch," "You're racist," or in our currently climate "A Trump voter," or some crap like that!

  10. So an American received bad service from an African, was angry, and was videoed by a Middle Eastern man. White Americans (formerly known as Americans) would be much better off without Diversity.

  11. It doesn't have to be some/a small town for it to have some expectation of racism,that surely exist and is just as blatant in some big metropolitan city 🤷🏾‍♂️New York,Boston for example

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