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  1. Sitting in my debate class, doing research for an assignment and my mind slowly drifts to a rainy Manhattan. I get out of my taxi and head into my favorite café, ordering my favorite drink and sitting down by the window. Alone, disconnected from my phone, these tunes playing in the café, I think.

  2. You're walking down the streets of New York City. Hair is messy. Clothes wet from the rain. Carrying some papers in your hand, as you grab something out of your bag. Finally you arrive at the subway station. Sitting there laying your head back on a bench, taking a deep breath. Life can be stressful.

  3. Looking down on the street,
    Get me something to eat,
    I’m tired, anxious and lonely,
    All I’m thinking of is you and me,
    But you wouldn’t be thinking the same thing,
    Staring downtown on my balcony…

  4. Cântico para puder repousar em lazer.O conjunto de piano,bateria er saxophone deixa o ambiente mais agradável.Há sons confortáveis ou alegres nesta coletânea.Jazzhop és famoso por não haver letras,além disso,há o Chillhop que és congruente.O Bossa nova és bom er a letra és divergente,pois aborda temas naturais,assédio etc…com sons serenos.

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