Mario Kart Tour – Is Peach (Vacation) Worth It?

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39 thoughts on “Mario Kart Tour – Is Peach (Vacation) Worth It?”

  1. Cheesecake and gold gliders in the first 10 then nothing till 52 left but it was Peach vacation. Love it, definitely worth it. Maybe my second favourite after Donkey Kong. Definitely recommend him. Out of rubies though and nothing left to win.

  2. I got pastry chef shy guy on my first try. I don’t even know how. The weird part is that it wasn’t even a golden pipe, so I was super shocked when the star popped out of nowhere. Was it glitched?

  3. I got Peach Vacation (and Chef Shef Guy) in the one and only 10 pull I’m gonna do this tour but I already had Hakama Mario so I had the coin block item already, which is cool

  4. The only high-end driver and glider i had is kimono peach, peachette (mushroom cannon skill) and full flight, which is pretty useless among other same grade. Should I pull for this Paris pipe (as in only vacation peach only worth to pull) or wait for next tour pipe which has better drivers, karts and gliders?

  5. I found something weird on the Paris Tour. The Daisy Cup paris promenade R track has Daisy as a three item character when her character doesn't have that track listed as a three item track for them. Why would that be? A glitch?

  6. Hi Abdallah, I saw the replay of the stream you pulled peach (vacation) and I was as tense as you were. Very enjoyable watch, you’re so chill and you articulate yourself well.

    Showed up for Mario kart, stayed for Abdallah. Wish you the best!

  7. The morning when the new tour came out, I had 100 rubies, I opened the first pipe and got peachette, later in the afternoon my friend used my phone and opened another 45, and I got the macharon car and vacation peach!

  8. I really wish you did videos on peoples luck, if we send you print screens you can upload them and comment on them.

    I pulled her with a 10 pull and then reset the pipe and then pulled 2 high end gliders with the next 10 pull, I'm f2p so I'm so happy after 90 gems I got 3 top tiers.

    Keep doing amazing with your videos and live streams sir i thoroughly enjoy them!!

  9. l swear man l just pulled a 10 today and l was wishing to get peach vacation after that l did my first pull and got the b dasher l was like ugh ok and after that it gave me cloud glider l was like seriously and then the star came up l was omg omg omg please please peach vacation and then boom it was her l was so happy l really wanted her and l was freaking out it was my last pull and l was like thank you Nintendo man it was crazy 3 high ends by the way abdallah l am a new fan l love your videos l think your a really cool and a funny guy and l subscribed and hit the bell keep up the content and also not to mention keep making those Mario kart videos and live streams l love them!! 😁

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