Mat Franco at Brooklyn Bowl in Las Vegas

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42 thoughts on “Mat Franco at Brooklyn Bowl in Las Vegas”

  1. Mat Franco hasn't been to Hogwarts, Hogwarts comes to him for classes…. 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏… The OG of Magic…

    I mean WHAT IN THE NAME OF GOD. You just made a ball float in air.. You are a real life wizard and there's no denying that.

  2. Bro Mat! How are you doing this magics man😂 seriously youre so good and creative,love youre vids bro…youre my most favorite magician!😁 wish I can do what you do😂 that would be so awesome,but then again not all people are as gifted as you are🙄 youre just so good at this man! Keep it up😁

  3. Sir Since First I watched your Very First Video I like you But People just Look at your MAGICS but Didnt see what you really Are you Kind and Humble and Humorous Person You'll Achieve more in Life Sir

  4. Yesterday I found out that soon I’m going to Vegas for a nice getaway then right when I heard that I was like “ can we get tickets to one of Mat Franco’s shows?! “ and they said yes!!! I’m so excited to get to come to one of your shows!

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