Mayor of London Sadiq Khan on the Breakdown of Social Integration

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27 thoughts on “Mayor of London Sadiq Khan on the Breakdown of Social Integration”

  1. Mayor of London Sadiq Khan, we have enough of diversity/people in Chicago and the United States and don't need more immigrants. To many homeless people, in prison and on welfare. Khan your integration beliefs it's just a way to get rid of the White population that has been declining rapidly every year and let the Muslims/sharia law take over the world within 10 to 20 yrs. Muslims have more than 1 wife and lots of kids so it will be very easy to outnumber every race in the world.

  2. Security growd and Economy,ya,right destroying Europe is more like. it.I have not heard anything that the Brits has voted you for an mayor.must be revence trick of Cameron.our ancestors and the Jews build up Europe and the west,NOT THE MUSLIMS,Who is still living in the 3rd century now.Very convenient to take over an all developed West.That I called invasion,steeling,just like Mohammad did,

  3. Worth noting… very few people actually voted for Sadiq Khan, they were simply voting for Labour to show solidarity for Jeremy Corbyn and/or a fuck you to Goldsmith and the Tory's. Khan is a horrible man. I voted for him but only because he was the Labou candidate.

  4. I guess they've all been given the okay to say "everything is about being global, we want to be good global cities, good global citizens, etc." The agenda got this far without us ( that is, the citizens of the nations of the world) I think it would be fair to respond with "No, thanks, govt guys, you've planned this picnic by yourselves and didn't let us in on the plans, you go ahead with it. We're staying home." This is how I see the recent increase of "a call to being global" coming out of every world leader's mouth, no apologies for keeping it quiet or secretive for so long." The next stage will be telling us "It's here already. It's done." I think that was the shortest, most direct statement that showed that the people don't get a voice today. I could decide if Obama was looking smug when he said that or if he was looking a bit hesitant worried about what people might do upon hearing that thevworld's economy has already been set in place for globalism, where "every one has a fair shot in life" one thing I noticed know, when you begin a new game of Monopoly, everyone has to put their paper money back so a new game can begin.

  5. what is this muslim creep doing here in the U.S.?! Americans, are we too weak and dumbed down to take the over view, to see that globalism and islam are now one in the same! The deception that is islam,now well established in England and well on its way to subjugation of the European continent….Europeans have embraced the death of liberty and have layed down on their backs accepting the footfalls of the barbarians ,the London mayor being a now the official leader , the captain of the Ottoman invasion, 2016!!

  6. Love how the BBC keeps claiming he's (Sadiq Khan) the first Muslim Mayor of a major European City, while the Muslim of Moroccan decent Achmed Aboutaleb has been the Mayor of the major European city of Rotterdam in the Kingdom of the Netherlands since 31 Okt 2008 (and largest harbour of the EU FYI).

    You can't ever "out Dutch" the Dutch limey's.

  7. Social Integration? There might be a little with different races here like with Blacks, Chinese, Japanese, Mexicans but none more then the poor however with the Majority of Muhammad followers want to spread his views on his 7th century military conquest and have a social make over.

  8. For the Muslim community there seems to always be a small percentage
    that pops up and truly follows Muhammad’s 7th century military
    conquest, no matter how you shake it they seem to pop up sooner or later no
    matter the location. Saddam along with other leaders like Gaddafi were able to
    kill this small percentage where they popped up at but with them gone and many similar
    leaders either gone or weakened this percentage is able to grow like when we
    weakened Afghanistan and Iran with our war with the Soviets(we don’t talk much
    about the neighboring countries which are very similar but not involved with
    the cold war) or the Romans and Persians weakened from fighting each other which
    is how Muhammad was able to gain a foothold in the first place.

  9. London with muslim mayor be prepare for a Saria Law buy white rags and Koran because time quickly approaching that you have to chose die or convert to ISLAM muslims winners English culture died !
    Marco Polo said: "The militant Muslim is the person who beheads the infidel, while the moderate Muslim holds the feet of the victim."

  10. Muslims in east London are demanding Sharia law. No thanks. Don't want that in the US. Fuck off with the bridge to Islam. Muslims are stone age people. Go live in Europe. They will accept you. Germany especially.

  11. Just another EVIL khan forcing sharia law through stealth & deception on the world. Google "khan" & see how many terror/murder/corrupt & evil people there are in todays world with that name & he is just one of many Islamic/muslim jihad i's out for world domination oppressed by the muslim caliphate & sharia law.

  12. very much in the guise of stealing peoples souls ,, i think this time it was James Cagney ? ,, if its not up to telling Americans how to vote ,, then its not a good thing to to try warn Americans of what any imaginary belief of proposed consequences might be ,, according to whom ?,,( the same people Americans fought for freedoms against ) with a long puppet tourist type introduction of how good *any city can be ,, it then changes into a spiraling dictate of rejection of our core values , to rail road in the new settlement program based on Marxist ideology ,,, remember it was said right there they wholly disagree with a french judges decision , but voted desperately to remain in the EU ?,,, i guess it was *spite, to then ban adverts on the train stations ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, EU & corporate Marxist ransom hijacking radical threat & final solution, recovery, value, embezzlement settlement program ,, its not what London is about ,,,,,,,,,,,,,, LLC to GLC to this ? ,,a leader of borough councils ! not a soap box for your own personal world opinion ,, no talk of scrapping council tax ,, into a London wide single rate (GLC) , reducing the bus pass age to 60 as in wales & scotland ,, scrapping the 9.00pm music curfew for music venues & buskers ,, then agrees with keith vaz (arrested mp felon) poppers (a solvent snorted) should remain legal which more harmful than alcohol ,pushes double standard *prohibition laws * basically , rejecting the EU they desperately want to remain with, where prohibition on many things has ended ,,,,,,, the traditional language of London is Cockney slang (rhyming & back slang) ,,, the word "cockney" is being slowly being scrubbed by political correct servers around the world ,, go type "Cockney" into google ,, find out how many people in london 2016 know what cockney means ,,, find out what happened to marry poppins, lilly langtree ,charlie chaplin & bob hope, dare i say it sherlock homes ,, pie n mash , fish n chips ,, cockles whelks prawns & shrimps , use your loaf ,

  13. Since when is it American to tell people what religion that they can be a part of and hating someone just because their religious views are different than our own? Now I'm seeing it for myself, people fear what they don't understand and will try to demonize it in any way possible. This is heartbreaking for me, seeing people of the U.S. treat someone like garbage because of their spiritual beliefs, last time that we've had to deal with hatred for a specific religion on this level is back in 30s and 40s Europe and Nazi Germany demonizing the Jewish population. We were willing to take in Jewish refugees then, why are we so against taking in a Muslim refugee who doesn't agree with the atrocities that ISIS is taking in this day and age? I, for one, am glad to see that Sadiq Khan is seeing the bigger picture here, in that you don't win a war by isolating but by accepting and winning hearts and minds.

  14. Why would any decent person with any common sense listen to either of these two schemers. We don't want or need Sharia law in the U.S. and we certainly don't want the problems Chicago has with crime….

  15. he should be in london trying to deliver " affordable social housing " like he promised . mark my words when it comes to the end of his term and he has failed to build those homes ( like he said he will ) you will hear all of the same old excuses ……….. another liar just like all the rest

  16. Don't come to this country and tell people not to assimilate. We have been doing this for 200 years and it has worked out great. The entire point of coming to america is to ditch the failed culture that caused you to flee your homeland not to set it up here and ruin our culture.

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