MBC Remembers Chicago TV Legend Ray Rayner (2004)

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40 thoughts on “MBC Remembers Chicago TV Legend Ray Rayner (2004)”

  1. What great memories! I grew up watching Ray Rayner, Garfield Goose and Bozo. I can still remember all the words to the Cuddly Dudley song. I'm so glad I had entertainers like this growing up. It made the 60's and 70's in Chicago so special. Thank you for the tribute. Ray, rest in peace.

  2. I watched Ray Raynor every day growing up in Evanston. I remember one morning my cousin decided to cut school and ride our bikes to Lincoln Park Zoo from Evanston. We made tuna fish sandwiches, packed them up, and rode our bikes to Lincoln Park Zoo in hopes of catching Ray Raynor filming his show. We got there and Ray was there filming his show. It was so much fun. However, we got in trouble later for cutting school because our parents saw us on TV, on the Ray Raynor show.

  3. In the middle 1970's right of high school I wrote Mr. Rayner a letter to inquire if there were jobs at a place like WGN and if it was worth pursuing a career there. He actually took the time to write me back a response on the back of my original letter… told me that most of the jobs were union and so they went to union members' friends and families (how about that) so mildly discouraged me from that career. But he was nice enough to hand-write me that response, and I can't believe that somehow I managed to misplace it.

  4. Every morning I got up early and watched this show, and it was like that glass in the TV screen didn't even exist… we were right there with him as he fed Chelveston and made his half-baked craft projects. Shows like this don't get created or planned, they just evolve to this level of 'perfect'.

  5. Besides Sammy Davis, Ray was probably the hardest working man in show business. He wore so many hats at the WGN studio he might as well have lived there. He was much beloved by us Chicago kids.

  6. In the middle 70's I wrote Ray Rayner to ask whether it was possible to get any sort of a start to a career in broadcasting. He took the time to hand-write me a reply, telling me that basically all the jobs at a TV station were union jobs and you usually had to know someone to get into that business. I seem to have lost that letter long ago but I should have kept it – it would have been such a great souvenir of this Chicago TV legend.

  7. just watch this clip again it made me think of something else his Jelly Bean contest where they would always count the jelly beans and someone would win the jelly beans and the container what a thrill and then there's the special Thanksgiving episode where he always hacked up the poor turkey into pieces and someone would play a sound effect of an Old Rip saw or a Crosscut saw as he would cut into the bird LOL good times indeed but now gone forever

  8. As a first grade teacher, I'd sometimes have post it notes all over my shirt to remember the tasks for the day. One afternoon,  I said "I feel just like Ray Rayner." My boys and girls looked  at each other and said "Who?" They'll never know…

  9. I remember Ray writing the weather forecast on his chalkboard,showing Cub and Blackhawk highlights from the day before,and of course showing the best cartoons anywhere.RIP my friend,you made getting up for school a whole lot easier.

  10. It was great being a kid growing up in Chicago in the 60's and 70's, Ray Rayner, Bozo's Circus, Garfield Goose, and Cartoon Town, et al. I especially remember RR for his Diver Dan skits.

  11. I was in Fort Madison Iowa as a kid and I loved his craft segment, He always showed how it should be done but would make a mess of his try, then he would give away the crafts and you could chose which one you wanted..RIP Ray

  12. My brother and I have fond memories of watching Ray before school…and oh, those projects. When bro called me back then to tell me of Ray's passing, he and I speculated on whether Ray would be buried in a "you can do it yourself" coffin made of Popsicle sticks!

  13. Ray Rayner was a very versatile performer who also hosted the Illinois Lottery Show on Thursday nights. He could fit into any genre and do it well. But he'll always be known for Ray Rayner & Friends and Bozo's circus where he was Bozo's sidekick before the kooky cook Cooky joined the show.

  14. I didn't even realize he passed until I found this video. My childhood heroes are falling fast. This one is especially sad as I can't count how many hours I spent with Ray. R.I.P.

  15. Bits and pieces seem to be dying each day of my memories of Chicago I don't remember Riverview but I remember kiddieland now gone bozo now gone ray rayner gone these things bought me joy yet never knew it I remember the duck and cuddly Dudley song and remember having to go to school but I watched 15 mins of the flash Gordon serial fun times

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