Medellin Colombia Cost Of Living “Tourist edition “

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31 thoughts on “Medellin Colombia Cost Of Living “Tourist edition “”

  1. Whats up Passport Heavy Fam our account was recently hacked 🙁 . Our Cost of living Medellin video was at 983k views almost to a milly. If you love US like Drake love Keke share this so we can get back to a Milly. Go and ahead watch and relive our Medellin Classic. We got so much more in the stash about to DROP. See yall soon with New Video. Love yall and Thanks for the support.

  2. Bro, you, your lifestyle and vids are inspiring. You're living life as it was meant to be. I'm from London England, and considering moving to Panama, and now Medellin!! Thank you….the music, the intro/outro to your video. What is it called? I need that track. It'll be the first tune I play when I land in Medellin!

  3. God bless you, I admire you stepping out on faith and both country.. Please help me help myself.. How do they treat Black American????? What areas and teaching ESL without degree or How to start a business….

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